If you've been searching for an affordable do-it-yourself home security solution that's simple to install, simple to operate, fee-free, and can even be used in a condo or apartment, you may be starting to think that no such thing exists. It does. It's called Piper, and you'd be amazed just how much this one little device can do.

Piper is an all-in-one security system that packs a motion sensor, 180-degree surveillance camera, 105 dB siren, and a two-way intercom system all into one petite and pretty package that can be placed anywhere in the home with a Wi-Fi connection. In fact, you can connect as many as five Pipers together in a single system for complete coverage of pretty much any size residence. And since all of this functionality is built into one unit, it can perform some pretty neat security and surveillance tricks. When Piper is armed, for example, its motion sensor can trigger automatic recording of video from its camera, the clips if which are recorded and stored straight to your iOS or Android device.

Piper won't call the police for you in an emergency, but it will alert you directly via push notifications, emails, text messages, or even voice calls when something goes wrong, allowing you to make an informed decision and take action.

And as if that weren't enough info, Piper also keeps tabs on your home's other vital statistics, including temperature, humidity, ambient light, and noise, all of which you can track via easy-to-read graphics that give you a comprehensive view of what goes on in your home over time. Why would a security system need that information? Well, mostly because Piper isn't just a security system. It also serves double (Triple? Quadruple?) duty as a fully featured smart home automation system thanks to its Z-Wave hub built right inside.

The list of Z-Wave devices supported by Piper are designed to function well with its security and safety features. Z-Wave products like door and window sensors, water sensors, smart plugs, lighting dimmers and switches, and a variety of smart light bulbs, can all be controlled via the same app and can be automatedto respond to the information that Piper constantly gathers about the state of your home. And the list of approved devices supported by Piper is growing at a rapid rate.

Piper is the perfect do-it-yourself, all-in-one smart home security system and with Z-Wave inside, this little camera hub is a force to be reckoned with.