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Feeling secure is easier

with Z-Wave home control

Feeling Secure with Z-Wave

I travel. I travel a lot.

When I'm on the road my wife gets a little nervous staying at home alone with our son. I looked around for a solution and decided to try Z-Wave. I ordered the products I needed to create a security package; it had door locks, motion sensors, and light control for the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, porch and back deck lights.

I set up scenes on our iPad so all my wife has to do is push the 'goodnight scene' and all the locks lock, the 'right' lights go out — others stay on — and best of all, if anyone breaks in we both get an immediate alert. I also programmed a panic button, so if anything happens at night she can immediately turn on all the lights and activate the siren.

Z-Wave really helps us feel safer.

What is Z-Wave | Z-Wave benefits | Geting started

Checking on my kids is easier

with Z-Wave home control

Keeping Family Safe with Z-Wave

I really love using Z-Wave. It helps me know my daughter is ok while I'm at work. Before I got Z-Wave installed in my house, I never really knew when she'd make it home from school and it made me really anxious.

Some days she would call, other days she would forget and it started to become a problem. I wanted to know that she had made it home safely, but it wasn't always convenient for me to call.

Now that I have Z-Wave I feel a lot better. I can be in a meeting and receive a text message when she comes home. It's been a real easy way to help me feel like a mom even when I'm at work.

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Saving energy is easier

with Z-Wave home control

Saving Energy with Z-Wave

Where we live energy is expensive and we were paying a lot of money for energy that we weren't using. We both work and have unpredictable schedule and sometimes we just like to go out.

We found that although we had programmed our home's thermostat for maximum efficiency, it still wasn't quite working for us. Many evenings we'd come home later than planned and the heater had been on for hours with no one home.

We looked for a solution that could offer us some flexibility and help save us money. We decided on Z-Wave and bought a Z-Wave thermostat. Now all we need to do its use our phone to set the temperature for when we'll really be home.

What is Z-Wave | Z-Wave benefits | Geting started

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