GE Basic Z-Wave Handheld Remote

13.99 Z-Wave
  • GE Basic Z-Wave Handheld Remote

Product Specifications

  • Brand: GE/Jasco
  • Model Number: 45600

Smart solutions

GE's Smart Home Lighting Control products with Z-Wave technology allow you to control individual or groups of lights with a compact remote control in your home or office. The smart remotes' ability to relay commands and acknowledge receipt of commands makes this Z-Wave remote an ideal solution for automating and controlling smart lighting systems.


  • Turn on/off and adjust the brightness of Z-Wave enabled lights.
  • Operates the on/off functions of Z-Wave enabled small appliances.
  • Manage up to 18 individual lights, 18 groups, and 18 scenes.
  • Create custom smart lighting groups and scenes.
  • LED lights provide command feedback.




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