GoControl Z-Wave Plus Smart LED Light Bulb

GoControl Z-Wave Plus Smart LED Light Bulb 32.97 Z-Wave

Product Specifications

  • Brand: GoControl
  • Model Number: LBR30Z-1
  • Z-Wave Cart Number: ZC10-15070021

Smart solutions

The GoControl Dimmable Z-Wave LED Indoor Flood Light Bulb puts smart lighting control at your fingertips. Designed for recessed can lights or track light fixtures for flood lights, this smart bulb allows you to adjust your lighting remotely via a smartphone or tablet. This Z-Wave LED bulb provides energy savings over traditional flood light bulbs.


  • Control lights remotely and save energy.
  • 65 Watt equivalent light (650 lumens).
  • Consumes only 7.5 watts of power.
  • Functions as a Z-Wave signal repeater.
  • Very simple to include in your network.
  • No complicated electrical wiring is required.



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