Linear 3-Way Z-Wave Wall Switch

Linear 3-Way Z-Wave Wall Switch 37.54 Z-Wave

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Linear
  • Model Number: WT00Z-1
  • Z-Wave Cart Number: ZC08-14030018

Smart solutions

The Linear Linear 3-Way Z-Wave Wall Switch allows remote on/off control and dimming of lights controlled by associated Z-Wave modules, creating virtual 3-way switches. This smart dimmer controls no load directly, so it can be wired anywhere power is available, without the need for a traveler wire.


  • Load: does not directly control a load. Another Z-Wave device is required.
  • Network wide inclusion. Requires Minimote.
  • Easily replace existing standard switch to add a Z-Wave controlled 3-way lamp dimmer.
  • Compatible with any Z-Wave certified gateway.



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