Everspring Screw-In Z-Wave Lamp Socket

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The Everspring Screw-In Z-Wave Lamp Socket provides the e ability turn a standard household lamp on and off remotely with a Z-Wave hub once the device has been incorporated into the home automation network. Installation is quick, requiring the user to simply screw the module into the lamp socket they wish to control, and then screw the light bulb into the smart module. It is compatible with incandescent bulbs up to 100 watts and energy saving bulbs (CFL, LED) up to 27 watts.

Product Features

  • Adds Z-Wave control to household lamps.
  • Screws into light bulb socket of lamp.
  • Remotely control on/off of lamps.
  • Functions as a Z-Wave repeater.
  • LED indicator light.
  • Neutral required: no
  • Supported wattage: 15a
  • Supported voltage: 120v

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Everspring
  • Model Number: AN145-1
  • Z-Wave Cart Number: ZC08-14080009

What's in the Box

  • Smart Lamp Socket
  • Manual

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This product requires a smart hub