Smart Home Upgrades for a Cooler, Safer Summer

Summer Tech

Smart Home Upgrades for a Cooler, Safer Summer

Summer is a busy time of year for many — kids are home from school, families plan beach vacations, our gardens need extra love (and water!) with the heat and summer sunshine.

Smart home technology can help you manage your home, keep your family comfortable and make your summer more enjoyable. Here are a few ways to get started with your smart home upgrades.

Smart Climate Control

With people in and out all summer long and temperatures cooler in the mornings and often much warmer later in the day, managing consistent indoor temps can be challenging. With a smart thermostat and some door/window sensors, you can create a smart HVAC system that saves energy and your sanity.

A smart thermostat has several benefits including:

  • Control the temperature and other thermostat settings while on the go — if you want to cool off the house a few hours before you head home to ensure a comfortable temp, use your smart app to adjust the settings.
  • Create a "scene" or rules through your smart hub that help you save energy and money — if a window or door is left open, not only can the system alert you via your app but the A/C can also automatically shut off so as not to waste cold air and energy.
  • Program welcome home scenes that can trigger smart lights, sensors and thermostats to kick into action and create the right environment for you and your family.

Connected Gardening

Do you have a big garden or a lot of landscaping that needs a good deal of attention? It might be time to level up and upgrade from those traditional sprinkler systems. A smart watering system starts with a smart hub; hubs like Fibaro can use sensing technology and integration with local weather platforms so you can avoid things like sprinklers kicking in during a thunderstorm. Qubino has some great smart irrigation options available that can also manage water consumption, your water bill, and make you environmentally responsible.

You can also create your own watering system — using some solenoid valves, a bit of hose, and depending on how many zones of irrigation you want, a handful of Z-Wave relays like the FortrezZ MIMOlite, you can create your own programmable irrigation system that's easier to program and that can be operated remotely.

Entry Way

Summer is one of the busiest travel times of the year and smart home tech can make managing your home while you're away super simple. When smart locks with Z-Wave are paired with smart cameras, you can see who is at your door and with some sophisticated systems, you can actually speak with that person—all from your mobile remote device. You can also be notified that someone is at your door, and that message will be transmitted to you on your mobile device. 

Through your Z-Wave smart hub app, you can unlock your front door for the dog walker or a friend bringing in the mail. In addition to the entryway, sensors on key doors and windows can also alert you if any unwarranted activity is detected.

It’s never too late to do a thorough tech upgrade, and your home will be instantly more valuable when the Z-Wave smart products have been added. Do your research and enjoy your tech-savvy home this summer!

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