Smart home tech can impact your summer, and here is how.

Your home, whether it’s a small Milwaukee apartment or a luxury penthouse in New York City, might be structurally up-to-date, but you really need to think smart if you want to make a home tech impact this summer. Here are four ways to get started.


Getting up and down all day to adjust the thermostat with such extreme summer temperatures has some serious downsides. You could have a sleepwalking moment and trip or fall. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to control that thermostat from your phone? With a smart thermostat system, you can do that and much more. 

Even if you have a programmable thermostat, chances are you have lost the manual, and not only will you have to download a new one, you’ll need the help of your neighbor the mechanical engineer to help you program your antiquated older thermostat. 

Picture landing at the airport after a great trip, and adjusting your smart thermostat from your phone to arrive home at a nice, cool home. With a smart thermostat you can adjust the temperature from wherever you are—even if you are on vacation in a far-away city—and you can easily program the unit to alter temperatures when you want it to.


Sure, sprinkler systems are great, and even those cheap modules that attach to your hose end can be programmed, but the best thing to do is get a smart watering system that you can operate from anywhere. The good ones will also interface with the local weather so you can avoid the embarrassment of your sprinklers kicking in during a thunderstorm. Qubino has some great smart irrigation options available that can also manage water consumption, your water bill, and make you environmentally responsible.

Entry Way

Remember that phrase “dumb as a doornail?” We do too, but a smart entry system is anything but dumb. When smart locks with Z-Wave are paired with smart cameras, you can see who is at your door and with some sophisticated systems you can actually speak with that person—all from your mobile remote device. You can also be notified that someone is at your door, and that message will be transmitted to you on your mobile device. 

You can make things even easier and get yourself a Z-Wave Plus Garage Door Controller, too. It’s worth it, trust us!



First, get rid of all of your incandescent and fluorescent fixtures and change to LEDs. LED lighting uses far less energy, and the bulbs last much longer than conventional lighting. Then, pair that with a smart lighting system and you’ll be able to adjust timing and intensity from wherever you are.

It’s never too late to do a thorough tech upgrade, and your home will be instantly more valuable when the Z-Wave smart products have been added. Do your research and enjoy your tech savvy home this summer!