You could say that smart home technology is the wave of the future, but the wave is already here. Thousands of products now exist to make your home run as smoothly, intelligently, and intuitively as possible, and more appear on the market every year.

When researching which products are right for you, you’ll probably wonder about how they’ll make your life more convenient. Can you operate your thermostat, security, and lights from one device? Or will each system require a different operating tool? Luckily, Z-Wave enabled smart home technology makes choosing smart home tech easier than ever.

Z-Wave is a wireless network used for home automation backed by the Z-Wave Alliance, a group of manufacturers whose products run on Z-Wave technology and are all compatible with one another. If you spot the Z-Wave logo on your products, they’ll work together seamlessly—and better yet, you can control them from your mobile device.

Take a look below at some of the ways you can incorporate Z-Wave technology into your home and use your smartphone to manage the entire system.

Your Lights

Forget to turn your porch lights on or off? Wish you could dim the lighting in your family room without leaving your cozy spot on the couch? Want to light up a few rooms to make it look like you’re home when you’re actually stuck late at the office?

Z-Wave offers all kinds of products to help you manage the lighting in your home, from dimmers to actual light switches and bulbs. And the best part is you can use your smartphone to turn lights on and off—no matter where you are.

Your Locks

Stop worrying about misplaced keys or how you’ll be able to let a guest in when you’re caught on the other side of town. With keyless entry technology, you can designate unique codes for every member of your household and then some, making it easy for everyone to come and go when they please.

If you’d rather not give codes to everyone who needs to access your home, Z-Wave smart locks allow you to control your door from your phone. For example, if your mail carrier needs to drop off a large package, you can unlock the door to let them inside, and then you can lock the door after they leave.

Your Thermostat

Many people who use smart home technology are attracted to the products because they offer potential energy savings. For example, a smart thermostat that runs on Z-Wave can use motion sensors to detect if anyone’s around and power down your heating or air conditioning when nobody’s home to enjoy it—automatically using less energy and lowering your monthly bills.

These smart thermostats also allow you to turn the heat on and off from your phone, so you can make sure the house is toasty before you get home from a late-night movie. You can even have energy reports sent to your phone to see how energy efficient your heating and cooling habits are.

Your Maintenance, Safety, and Security Needs

Whether you’re working or traveling, or you happen to own more than one property, there are times when you’d like to know that everything’s okay even though you can’t visit your home personally. Z-Wave supports dozens of products that will send an alert to your phone if an open window or water leaks is detected. In an instant, you can check in as needed and have peace of mind on every front.

Z-Wave is here to stay, and as technology advances in the coming years, your home will be smarter than you ever thought possible. Learn how Z-Wave tech works with your specific smart home products and smartphone, and experience a new ease of living.