Smart homes are slowly making their way into the mainstream, with more and more people wanting to raise the IQ of their house. But what about those already in the know? Are there any benefits to being an early adopter beyond those bragging rights? We break down 5 reasons why you should be amongst those getting a head start on their smart homes.

1 - Value on the rise

From young to old, all generations are recognizing the benefits connecting your home can bring. No matter if you’ve gone for a complete tech-savvy household, or have just begun to incorporate a few additions, the value added to your home can be extensive. It’s a very simple way to upgrade your house without the hassle of renovations. As more people learn about smart home technology, the number of homes with smart technology will rise. Good news - you’re already ahead of the game.

2 - Convenience

Driven off and left the garage door open? Grab a smart garage door opener and the press of a button, rather than a U-turn will see that the door is closed. About to fall asleep in bed and left the lights on in the living room? No problem, just access your connected lighting via your hub’s app on your phone and quickly turn the lights off. In the middle of your favorite show and realize your oven’s still on? That’s fine, if your smart home is synced with Amazon Echo just ask Alexa to turn it off. This is convenience that’s hard to beat.

3 - Saving pennies

The savings a smart home can bring to your bills is well-documented, offsetting the original investment in no time. Energy efficient lighting, remote power management, affordable air conditioning, smart plugs for energy monitoring and water-saving sprinkler systems are just a few of the many additions that will keep more coins in your back pocket plus see you be kinder to the environment.

4 - Lead the market

I mentioned bragging rights earlier and that wasn’t an idle comment. Having a smart home means being at the forefront of the market. You’ve already added value to your house, and now all your friends can ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ at the future of technology within your house, and maybe even inspire them to grab some smart home gear of their own!

5 - Added security

Everyone wants to feel that their home is a safe house and a smart home gives you greater peace of mind. In a survey conducted by Icontrol Networks, over 90% of consumers said home and family security is one of the major reasons they’d adopt a smart home lifestyle. Your phone alerts you to any disturbance in the house - for example, smart sensors can alert you to a potential break-in by detecting movement in your home. A smart home can also detect potential home disasters with smart flood sensors or fire alarms. Hopefully none of this has happened, but it’s easy to imagine the bill that comes from your washing machine foaming over while you’re at work.

Upgrades to any part of your life will come with a cost, but the benefits of smart home technology pay out in the long run. Either way, those already with smart devices in their home are ahead of the pack. If you’re not quite there yet, fear not! New technology comes out every day to further improve your lifestyle and save on time, money and energy.