If you're new to the world of smart home, you may have heard the term hub used frequently and wondered what it is. A hub is considered the brain of your smart home.

It communicates with and coordinates all the smart devices in the home. There are lots of Z-Wave compatible options out there, so how do you decide which works best for you and your home?

We put together five top smart hub options that play nicely with Z-Wave, so you can choose the option that fits you best and get started with a smart home today.

1. SmartThings Hub

The Samsung SmartThings Hub is perfect for smart home beginners. Its compatible with a wide variety of smart home devices including Amazon Alexa and coupled with a user-friendly app interface, making it great for those familiarizing themselves with a smart home setup. Simply attach the power supply to the back of the Hub and plug the Ethernet cable in to your Internet router and voila! Setup is done and you’re ready to add devices. SmartThings’ in-app customer support is very responsive as well, should you need any help.

2. Wink Hub 2

Another popular option is the Wink Hub 2. This sleek, design-friendly option fits easily behind a TV or on a bookshelf, and an Ethernet port allows for connection to your homes router. The Wink Hub 2 also comes with 128 MB of memory and an auto-discover feature to easily find smart devices. A bonus: owners of the original Wink Hub upgrading to Wink Hub 2 can easily transfer their ecosystem of connected products using the Wink app in under a minute.

3. Nexia Home Bridge/Hub

The Nexia Home Bridge is a hub that allows for remote management and control of your smart home from anywhere – even if you’re not close to your home’s network with a monthly subscription of $9.99. The Home Bridge can hold and control more than 200 Z-Wave products like smart door locks, lights, and thermostats – and coordinate those together to create smart home scenes.

4. Securifi Almond+ Smart Home Hub & Router

The Securifi Almond+ is a touch screen based home router that includes Z-Wave smart home control, meaning you don’t need a separate hub that connects to your router to control your Z-Wave devices. The entire setup process can be performed on the touchscreen portion of the router so you don’t have to do it on your phone or through a computer web browser, although you can always use their app to control the Almond+ and devices after setup.

5. Piper nv Smart Home Security System Hub

The Piper nv is a unique hub that features a built-in security system and high-resolution day/night camera. With 180-degree surveillance and options for live or recorded video, the Piper nv is a powerful security camera that also happens to be a smart home hub, allowing you to control your Z-Wave devices from the same place you monitor your home’s security.

Of course, our list in not exhaustive there are lots of different Z-Wave compatible smart hub options on the Z-Wave.com site. Check out our smart hub section and contact our customer support team for more information and guidance. As you’re browsing through the site, be sure to look for the “works well with” section on product pages that let you know which devices are compatible with your specific smart home hub.