Smart home technology is quickly gaining notoriety as a unique tool to help homeowners fortify their houses against all kinds of threats like water damage, fire damage, and loss due to theft. And now insurance companies are starting to take notice. Many are offering their homeowners special rates or discounts on their insurance premiums. Is your home insurance carrier one of them?   Here are 5 insurance companies that support smart home technology:  

1. Allstate  

Allstate has been a long supporter of smart home technology. In fact, they were one of the early adopters of Amazon Echo, the smart speaker from Amazon that enables homeowners to control their compatible smart home devices with easy voice commands.  

For people with Amazon Echo in their homes, Allstate offers a special benefit: They can take advantage of an Amazon skill to help them check their policy information and find local agents. All they have to do is ask Alexa. 

2. Liberty Mutual  

Like Allstate, Liberty Mutual has been a longtime proponent of smart home technology and of smart home startups, in particular: They were an active investor in smart home startup, August Smart Lock.  

Liberty Mutual knows that smart home technology helps homeowners protect their homes—and they reward them for it. The insurance company even offers homeowners discounts when they outfit their homes with certain qualifying smart home technology. 

3. American Family 

Besides offering homeowners discounts on their insurance premiums, a lot of insurance companies are also started to craft partnerships with smart home technologists, and American Family is one of them.  

This carrier understands the importance of smart home technology in helping homeowners safeguard their homes from disastrous repairs, and they are making efforts to help their customers stay safe. 

American Family has partnered with Nest to provide connected smoke and CO detectors at no cost to homeowners in Minnesota.  

(Want to get your hands on your own connected smoke and CO detector? Learn how you can use Z-Wave technology to help you fight fires here.) 

4. MetLife 

MetLife is another insurance carrier that’s investing in partnerships to help their homeowners fortify their homes with smart home technology.  

They’ve partnered with ADT Security, a company providing homes with alarm monitoring services. Together, MetLife and ADT are helping ensure that homeowners have access to smart home technologies to help them protect their homes against common disasters, like water damage, fire damage, and loss due to theft.  

5. American International Group (AIG) 

To help homeowners take one step further in securing their homes with smart home technology, American International Group (AIG) offers their customers custom installations of smart home technology.  

With these installations, homeowners are able to equip their homes with the smart devices they need to help prevent floods and other perils.  

Smart home technology is becoming more and more popular—and insurance companies are now calling themselves fans, too.  

Ready to start protecting your home with smart home technology? Be sure to check with your home insurance provider for details on any qualifying smart home programs.  

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