It’s all about adding value. It used to be that remodeling your bathrooms or adding a deck were top ways to increase your home’s sale price. With the dawn of smart technology, however, there are other ways to make your property worth more. Check out these six smart home hacks:


First, make sure that you replace incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and fixtures with LEDs. LEDs last longer, are coming down in price and work great with lighting apps. Outfit your home with dimmable LEDs, pair them with a good smart lighting app, and you will be able to control hues, intensity levels, and even interface with outdoor sky conditions. A top-of-the-line smart LED lighting system should bring you a nice return. Browse smart lighting products with Z-Wave technology.


Has your neighbor ever caught you running your sprinklers while it was raining? With a smart garden app, you can avoid this embarrassment; you’ll also be constantly apprised of soil conditions, so you won’t waste precious water by unscientifically watering when you don’t have to.


Motion detectors were a big hit when they hit the market years ago. Homeowners felt an increased sense of security when they had a system installed that was monitored by a third party. If someone entered your house and didn’t belong there, the police would eventually arrive.

Now, you can substitute real but reasonably priced cameras for those motion detectors and monitor your home from your smart device. Third-party call centers and alarm company fees will be a thing of the past as you can be in total control of your home security. 


Remember when you adjusted your home’s temperature by turning a small, round thermostat that sparked inside when the heat went on? There was also a tightly coiled spring inside that expanded and contracted and served as the device’s thermometer.

With a smart thermostat system, you can set your home’s temperature from wherever you are using your smart device. The advances that the electronic thermostat brought to us—like automatically being able to set the temperature per hour—have been integrated into the new smart systems, but you can handle all of these settings remotely. But if you ever run into trouble, it might be best to consult the HVAC pros


In the past, It was always exciting to see those large yet over-sized keyless entry systems. You could manually program your front door knob and have different codes for different folks. Yes, the programming was sort of cumbersome, but not having to use a key to get into your home was a great feature. Now, keyless entry systems can be programmed from your smartphone or pad, and in addition, the best models have a camera plus a microphone so that you can see and talk to anyone that is trying to enter your home.


We all love automation. From automated laundry services to food ordering apps, we truly love the convenience. The final piece of this puzzle is a complete home automation system that has all of the apps interfaced. With a Z-Wave smart hub you can adjust, use, and monitor all of the smart systems described above. Automate your home and watch its value quickly increase as potential buyers will be quite impressed. 

At the end of the day, if you’re selling your home, these upgrades will surely help. And if you decide to hold onto your place, from New York City to rural Auburn, Alabama, you’ll be able to get top-dollar in terms of rent price because of the major updates.