If you’re a total techie, you probably already have the smart home basics in your Z-Wave network, like smart lights, smart locks, and smart sensors. But are you ready to take your smart home to the next level? Smart home accessory products help round out your system and offer supplemental control and monitoring over your whole home.   Find out how you can accessorize your smart home with these 5 unique Z-Wave products:  

1. Aeotec Z-Wave Minimote 

If your home is already equipped with smart lights in every room, a smart lock on every door, and a smart thermostat in every zone, then you will likely need a simple, streamlined way to control all of these devices. 

Enter: a Z-Wave remote controller.  

This choice from Aeotec gives you the full capabilities of a Z-Wave remote controller in one sleek form factor. Designed with simplicity and the user-experience as the primary focus, Aeotec’s remote lets you control a range of different Z-Wave devices from one central place. You can even control pre-programmed smart scenes with the Minimote.  

Getting ready to go to bed? With one click on your Minimote, you can simultaneously turn off the lights, secure your smart lock, and arm your security system.  

2. Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Wallmote Quad 

If you think a small remote control might be too easy to lose track of, there’s another Z-Wave remote controller for you: the Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Wallmote Quad.  

This intelligent remote controller mounts on the wall, so you can have one device to control all of the smart home tech in a room.  

With four buttons, you can use the Wallmote Quad to control up to four Z-Wave smart home devices. And this smart controller can respond to either a simple touch, a long-press or a slide, so you can customize commands to work the best for you and your lifestyle. To confirm that the action was completed (e.g. the smart lock was secured or the smart thermostat was adjusted), the Wallmote Quad’s surface has RGB LED to indicate button actions, with optional beep or vibration features upon touch.  

3. Ring Z-Wave Plus Range Extender 

Do you have any of the popular Ring products installed in your smart home network, like the Ring Alarm Home Z-Wave Plus Security System or Ring Z-Wave Plus Motion Detectors and Ring Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Contact Sensors?  

If you do, the Ring Z-Wave Plus Range Extender can further strengthen your home by adding more security coverage. 

This device expands the range of your Ring Alarm components by extending the signal from the base station to all your contact sensors, motion detectors, and keypads. Ideal for larger homes, the Ring range extender eliminates “dead zones,” so that you can be sure your devices always stay connected. Set up is easy; it plugs into a standard power outlet and is even equipped with a 24-hour backup battery, so you can have confidence that your home is always secure.  

4. Dome Z-Wave Plus Smart Electronic Mouse, Rat and Rodent Trap 

It may not be as glamorous as other smart devices, like festive smart lights or sophisticated smart doorbells, but this smart electronic rodent trap is definitely a must for any connected home.  

More efficient and gentler than a traditional trap, this Dome device humanely kills mice, rats, and other rodents with a powerful electric shock. It then sends an alert to your smartphone when the trap needs to be emptied, so you can clean up your space as soon as possible.  

The trap can even operate in temperatures as low as 32°F and as high as 112°F, so it’s perfect for use in cold basements or hot sheds.  

  5. FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Swipe Gesture Controller 

If you already own a few smart remote controllers in your Z-Wave network and you’re looking for something new with which to accessorize, try the FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Swipe Gesture Controller.  

The first gesture-control pad for Z-Wave devices, Swipe from Fibaro lets you control your smart home products without touching anything. For instance, this smart control can recognize six different gestures: up; down; left; right; a circle to the left; a circle to the right.  

Are you hands dirty in the kitchen? Sitting on the couch and can’t find your smartphone? Or your hands are full as you head out the door in the morning?  

Just gesture to Swipe to turn your smart lights on/off, to raise or lower your blinds, to control your music, etc. It can even activate pre-programmed scenes in your smart home network, so you can have full control without ever pressing a button.  

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