Voice control is becoming more prevalent, as homeowners are adding it to their smart home systems to bring added security, comfort, and convenience to their daily routines. If you want to add an Amazon Echo device to your smart home but are not sure how it’ll play with the rest of your Z-Wave devices, you can find all the answers you’ll need in our new Amazon Echo Guide.   Here are four things you’ll learn when you check out our new smart home voice control guide: 

1. Meet the Amazon Echo family  

First, if you’re not familiar with them already, you’ll meet the Amazon Echo family. Amazon currently makes four Echo products: Amazon Echo, Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Echo Dot. All of these devices give you the fun features of Amazon Alexa, but they vary in their design and specific capabilities.  

When you check out the Amazon Echo Guide from Z-Wave, you’ll learn what each of these devices can do and how you can use them to control your Z-Wave smart home network.   

2. How to use Amazon Echo to help you… 

After you’ve gotten familiar with all the different Amazon Echo products and discovered which one is the right fit for you, it’ll be time to dive into the details! In our Amazon Echo Guide, you’ll learn how you can use Amazon’s devices with your Z-Wave smart home network to help you stay safe, entertain guests, and save energy:  

  • Stay safe 

Walking to your car at night? With an Amazon Echo device, you can use voice control to command your outdoor smart lighting to turn on when you leave the house, so you never have to walk in the dark. You can even concurrently tell your Echo product to arm your Z-Wave enabled home security.  

  • Entertain guests 

Use Amazon Echo with your Z-Wave smart home network to make sure your home is always comfortable for your party guests. Just tell the virtual assistant to turn on music, adjust your Z-Wave enabled thermostat, and turn on colored, LED smart lights to adjust the party’s mood. 

  • Save energy 

You can even use Amazon Echo to help you manage your energy usage. When you walk out the door in the morning, just yell out to Alexa to lower your smart thermostat and turn off all your Z-Wave enabled smart lights, so you can be sure that you’re not wasting energy (or money) heating or lighting an empty house. 

3. How it all works with Z-Wave 

Besides showing you the ins-and-outs of Amazon Echo, our smart home voice control guide will also outline how the smart assistant works with Z-Wave.  

You’ll learn all about smart hubs with Z-Wave technology, and how you use them to make all the smart devices (including your new smart speaker!) work together in your home.  

Don’t miss your chance to add more security, comfort, and convenience to your home, download the guide today, then browse an assortment of Alexa compatible smart home devices in the Z-Wave store.