If you’ve ever experienced a break-in at home, then you may be left feeling like traditional locks simply aren’t enough to safeguard your home. And if you’ve been lucky enough to never have had a break-in, you’ll want to take as many precautions as possible to make sure would-be burglars stay away.  After installing a smart lock in your home, adding a smart camera with Z-Wave technology is the next step to protecting your home from nefarious activity. Here’s some of the best places to install a smart camera in your home:  

1. At the front door 

While you may think that no thief would be bold enough to try and break in through your front door, it’s still a key entryway to your home that you want to protect. To keep your front door on the lookout for intruders, try the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell.  

This smart video doorbell lets you see, hear, and even speak with visitors at the door in 720p HD, at day or at night. You’ll receive video alerts direct to your phone whenever there’s unexpected activity at the door, so you can check in (whether you’re at home on the couch, at the office during working hours, or halfway across the world on vacation), to make sure your home is still protected.  

2. Near the back entryway 

Next, you’ll want to take steps to secure your back entryway from would-be intruders. Look for a smart camera that’s specifically suited for outdoor conditions, so you can have confidence that it will work to protect your home 24/7, no matter the weather.  

For example, the Nexia Outdoor Camera Wi-Fi Outdoor Hd Camera will continue to function in temperatures as low as -4⁰F. It even has night time illumination with infrared LEDs, so it can still report back on what’s going in your backyard, even if you don’t have outdoor lights turned on.  

For a camera that can do double-duty and fortify your home on the inside and outside, look to the Arlo HD Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Camera. This smart camera is 100% wire free and can reliably monitor activity and record video inside or outside, within a temperature range of 14-122⁰F. It’s also motion activated, so as soon as suspicious movement is detected, it will begin recording and send you a notification to your email or smartphone, so you can take action quickly to protect your home.  

3. By ground-floor windows 

Ground-floor windows are some of the most common points of entry for would-be burglars, so be sure to add smart cameras by ground-floor windows for even more coverage.  

The Ring Spotlight Cam Mount HD Security Camera is a hardwired HD camera that can be mounted directly onto your wall for full coverage of a room. It gets connected to your electrical box for non-stop power and can even sound a siren in the even of a breech. For full coverage in tricky, hard-to-see places, the Nexia Wi-Fi Wide Angle Indoor Camera is another good option. With a 140-degree field-of-view, this camera can cover more space than the average smart camera, giving you an even wider zone of protection for your home. Plus, with infrared illumination, this Nexia camera can monitor and detect burglars even in the dark, so you can have confidence that your home is always safe.  

No one wants to deal with the worry of a burglar entering your home, but when you use smart home devices with Z-Wave technology, you can have confidence that your home is being monitored twenty-four hours a day.  

See an even bigger selection of smart cameras here, and fortify your home even further by adding a smart lock to your Z-Wave network.