Mother’s Day is coming around the corner soon, so it’s time to start searching for that perfect gift. And for the person who takes care of everyone, what better gift is there than a slew of smart assistants? Smart home products from Z-Wave can help take some of the work off Mom and make her life a whole lot easier. Give your mom a helping hand this Mother’s Day. Here are some of the best smart home products for Mom:

Amazon Echo

When Mom has to get work done around the house, her job is usually made twice as hard when she has a handful of kids running around. That’s where Amazon Echo can step in.

This smart device can play music, read stories, and tell jokes. Basically, it helps keep the kids occupied for a bit, so Mom can get some work done.

And the Amazon Echo isn’t just for the kids. It’s superior voice control means that Mom can add to the shopping list, check the calendar, and make calls—all without lifting a finger.

Smart doorbells

Most moms will tell you that it seems just when they’ve sat down for the first time all day, that’s when the doorbell rings. But with a smart doorbell from Z-Wave, your mom doesn’t have to jump up or drop what she’s doing to get to the door.

Instead, she can simply check the notification on her smartphone to see and hear who’s at the front door. This is particularly handy, for example, if it’s just the postman who’s rung the bell to drop off a package. Mom can check that the package has been delivered without needing to go to the door right away.

A Z-Wave smart doorbell is also great for adding an extra layer of safety to the home. If at home with the kids, Mom can check to see who’s at the door before answering, so the house—and the kids—are always safe.  

Smart lighting

When you were a kid, did your mom always nag you about forgetting to turn the lights off? With Z-Wave smart lighting, Mom (and everyone else in the house!) can rest easy knowing the lights are smart enough to take care of themselves.

For instance, with smart bulbs like the Zipato Bulb 2 or the GoControl Z-Wave Plus Light Bulb, Mom can shut off the lights remotely with her smartphone if someone has left them on. She can also set schedules so that the lights will turn themselves off when everyone leaves in the morning for work and school and then turn back on in the evening when everyone comes home.

Smart camera

You know the saying: “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool Mom.” Well, with a smart security camera from Z-Wave, that statement’s twice as true.

For example, using the Nexia Home Outdoor Camera, Mom can take care of household chores inside, while still keeping an eye on the little ones playing out in the backyard. Or if she’s at the office all day, Mom can check in with her Nexia Wireless Indoor HD Camera to make sure that the kids made it home safely from school when they were supposed to.

Mom is always checking in to make sure everyone at home is safe, and you can make her job easier with a smart camera.

Smart hub

If she doesn’t have one already, your mom will need a smart hub to connect all of these smart devices.

Some devices can do double-duty, like the Securifi Almond+ Smart Home Hub and Router which doubles as a router and as a touchscreen-enabled central hub for all your mom’s smart devices. Others, like the Wink 2 Hub, are sleek and stylish, so Mom can keep them on display on a coffee table or bookshelf. Use our Z-Wave Smart Guide to find which smart hub your mom will like best.

You know that your mom deserves to be pampered—not just one day of the year, but every day. So for this Mother’s Day, help maker her life easier with the best smart home products from Z-Wave.