Parents always worry about their kids when they’re away at school, and the first time you drop off your daughter or son at college, it’s an exciting, yet difficult, day.   You helped get them through high school, and they’ve successfully survived the gauntlet of high school sports, staying out late, going to parties, and learning how to save money--and now they’ve made it to college.   When your child lived at home with you, you at least had an idea of what they were doing. But while they’re away at college, it’s hard to be sure that they’re staying safe. That’s where smart tech comes in. 

Campus Security 

Whether you’re a student moving into a University of Oregon apartment in Eugene, or a dorm room at a small local institution, colleges and universities go to great lengths to ensure student safety—but parents are still usually always worrying.  

Every time there is a report about a campus assault or incident, your thoughts likely turn to your children. What if this happened at their campus? Are they safe? How will I know? Luckily, there are now smart devices that can help you have confidence that your kids will be safe on campus and in their dorm. 

Smarter Video Security 

Old-time cameras used to record on tape. After they had recorded a certain amount of footage, the tape would be reused, and the data, unfortunately, lost. But smart video and security cameras, like the Arlo Q 1080, not only record data digitally, but include built-in analytics that can be instantly accessed by law enforcement personnel.  

By interfacing their data with police departments, these video systems can help prevent dangerous incidents.  

And with reliable video surveillance on most major college campuses, it’s becoming increasingly easier to deter serious crimes. 

Smart Alarms 

For college students living in their first apartment away from home, they might want a little extra security to help make them feel safe.  

Using smart motion sensors together with smart sirens can help give them that security.  

When the smart motion sensor detects unwanted activity, it can trigger a smart siren to sound an audible alarm or flash a strobe light to scare the would-be intruder away.  

Smartphone Apps 

There are also smart security phone apps that can notify pre-set contacts if your daughter or son thinks they are in danger.  

These apps can automatically dial 911 and be set to deliver a variety of messages to you and authorities.  

Smart lighting 

Another easy way to help fortify your child’s college apartment is with smart lighting.  

Smart lights help make their apartment look like it’s occupied, even when it’s not, to deter would be burglars from breaking in. To get them ready for the new college semester, look for smart lights that can be programmed to turn on and off on a schedule and even controlled remotely with their smartphone.  

Sending off your child to college for the first time can nerve-racking—for both of you. But smart home technology can help you have confidence that they’re staying safe in their new apartment.  

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