International Earth Day is April 22nd, but we think environmental conscientiousness should be an everyday practice. With smart products from Z-Wave, making your home eco-friendly has never been easier. Here’s how you can celebrate Earth Day all year round with these eco-friendly smart home ideas from Z-Wave:

Smart thermostats

To make your home more eco-friendly, consider the biggest consumers of energy in your home. Who’s a major culprit? Most likely, it’s your HVAC system. But with a smart thermostat from Z-Wave, you can more precisely control your home’s heating and cooling and drastically cut back on energy consumption.

For example, has someone left a window opened? When used in concert with a window sensor, you can program your smart thermostat to automatically shut off when it senses that a window is open, so no heat or AC is wasted.  You can also set a schedule for your smart thermostat so that it will automatically adjust every morning when you leave for work.

A smart thermostat can even help you conserve energy when you’re not home. Did you leave for vacation, but aren’t sure if you remembered to turn down the heat? With a smart thermostat, like the 2Gig Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat, you can use your smartphone to remotely monitor and adjust the temperature in your home.

Smart lighting

When it comes to your home’s energy usage, lighting isn’t far behind your HVAC system in terms of waste. Fortunately, smart lighting from Z-Wave can help you cut back on excessive energy consumption.

With devices like the GoControl Z-Wave Plus Smart LED Light Bulb or the NuTone Smart Z-Wave Plus LED Bulb, you can remotely check the status of your home’s lighting and turn on or off bulbs as needed. This means no more nagging the kids to turn off the lights when they leave the room. You can even set your smart lighting on specific schedules or pair the devices with motion sensors so that, when nobody is in the room, the lights shut off automatically.

Smart plugs

If you want to do your part for Earth Day but aren’t quite ready to embark on a big smart-home overhaul, that’s okay, too. There are simple steps you can take to outfit your home with eco-friendly smart home products that are user-friendly, even for beginners.

A smart plug, for example, such as the Dome Z-Wave Plus On/Off Plug-In Switch with Energy Monitoring, can make your home both more convenient for you and friendlier to Mother Nature.

When connected to lights or common, small appliances, this smart plug acts as a smart on/off switch, letting you control these devices remotely with your smartphone. It also works to monitor your energy consumption, shutting down the connected device in the case of an energy-overload.  

Smart energy meter

If you’re a numbers person and you want to really see how much energy your home is using, look to the Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Energy Meter Gen5.

This smart device monitors the total amount of electricity used in your home and immediately reports the energy usage in Wattage or Kilowatt hours. This means that, in near real-time, you can see how much electricity you use in your home and precisely when you use it. This helps you to easily make changes in your routine to mitigate your energy usage and make your home even more eco-friendly.

The team at Z-Wave is looking forward to celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd, but we also take care to be friendly to the environment all year round.

Learn more about how you can use eco-friendly smart home products from Z-Wave to conserve energy and stay environmentally conscious.