Outfitting your home with smart products will make your house more secure and your daily life more convenient. And with DIY smart homes, bringing top-tier technology to your home as never been easier. But if you don’t consider yourself a “techie,” you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of installing a smart home. There’s no need to worry! Z-Wave makes the DIY smart home easy with its smart kits. Here’s how you can get started:

1. Nexia Z-Wave Starter Kit 

This Nexia starter kit is a great entryway for first-time smart home users, because it offers you room to grow. Compatible with all Z-Wave enabled smart home products, the Nexia Z-Wave Starter Kit can take you from your first, basic smart light bulb to your WiFi-enabled video doorbell.  

In the kit, you’ll find the Nexia Bridge and A/C Adapter. This is the hub of your smart home system. It connects to your router so that you can control your smart home with a securely encrypted broadband Internet connection. Capable of holding 200+ Z-Wave products, this Nexia Bridge lets you remotely monitor and control all of your Z-Wave smart home products with a Nexia subscription.  

The kit also includes the Schlage Appliance Module, which gives you the power to make “non-smart” products smart. For example, this module lets you control lamps or other small appliances using Z-Wave technology, so you can make your smart home even smarter. 

2. Wink 2 Kit: Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt & Leviton Z-Wave Dimmer Switch 

Ready to dip your toe into smart home security? The Wink 2 Kit from Z-Wave makes it easy, giving you everything you need to set up a smart entryway.   

What comes in the kit? The Wink 2 Kit includes the Wink Hub 2, complete with a power supply and ethernet cable. Wink enables a diverse collection of smart home products to speak the same wireless language, allowing you to easily control them all with the free Wink app.  

The kit also includes the Schlage Connect Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt and Leviton Z-Wave Plus Smart Switches. Using the Wink Hub 2, you can effortlessly control these devices with your smartphone to lock and unlock your door and to adjust your lights whether you’re home or away. If you have Amazon Alexa, you can even use your voice to control your smart home.   

The Wink 2 Kit is a great choice for new smart home users, as it also acts as a range extender, which will come in handy as your smart home ecosystem grows.  

3. Oomi Cube and Smart Lighting Starter Kit 

If you really want to dive headfirst into the smart home world, the Oomi Cube and Smart Lighting Starter Kit is the one for you. Offering security, entertainment control, lighting and ambiance, automation, and remote monitoring, this kit gives you a little bit of everything.  

The kit includes the Oomi Cube, Oomi Touch, Infinity Dock, two Oomi Bulbs, and an Oomi Plug.  

The security camera on the Oomi Cube is equipped with night vision, environmental sensors, and a security alarm to keep your home safe and prevent break-ins. Two Oomi Bulbs let you outfit your home with convenient, automatic lighting in bright white or a variety of colors. And with the Oomi Plug, you can make any outlet “smart,” adding lamps or small appliances to your new smart home.  

The Oomi Touch is an advanced control tablet from which you can control all of the smart products in your home, including Nest Thermostats, Amazon Alexa, or other Z-Wave enabled devices. Keep the tablet in the Infinity Dock to charge it and keep it secure when not in use. 

Building your first smart home doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, with the smart kits from Z-Wave, a DIY smart home has never been easier.  

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