If you’re a parent you know that getting the kids ready for a new school year can be hectic and overwhelming. Why not think outside of the pencil box and use smart home tech to get organized for the back to school season?

No matter which Amazon Echo product you choose, there are plenty of options for streamlining life at home with voice control. Even better? Asking Alexa to control devices or scenes in your home is both simple and fun for kids of any age group. After installing Z-Wave devices like lighting, security, comfort or more, kids can ask Alexa to brighten desk lamps while they work on homework, lock the front door, or turn the temperature up or down. You can see all of their activity from an app on your smartphone so you turn down the temperature if it’s set too high or turn off lights if there are too many turned on. Check out our recently launched Amazon Echo page that walks you through each step and product you need to implement voice control solutions for every room in the home, from your living room to the garage.

Aeotec Z-Wave Wallmote Quad

Another way to make control of your home simpler? Sync multiple devices to a controller like the Aeotec Z-Wave Wallmote Quad that is as much fun as it is functional (smart hub still required). Simply mount the Wallmote Quad anywhere in your home and set each quadrant to respond to a different device or scene. For example, a swipe on the first quadrant could turn on the kitchen lights while a swipe on the second quadrant turns on the porch lamp. A push on the third quadrant could be used to turn on a “wake up” scene to get the kids up and out of bed. The Wallmote Quad can be completely customized to fit your home needs so you can use it the way that makes sense for you and your family. A fun bonus? The colorful LED lights inside of the Wallmote Quad make it a cool addition to a kid’s room or playroom.