ADT Pulse is a professionally monitored security system with smart home capabilities baked in. But did you know that once your system is setup, it's easy to add smart locks, dimmers and light switches, thermostats, and garage door controllers yourself? It's true!

The Basics

Remember how we talked about the difference between hubs and gateways in a previous post? If not – head on over and take a look. Basically, your ADT Pulse panel is also a smart home hub with Z-Wave inside and allows you to monitor your home from anywhere and control things like lights, locks and thermostats from a simple smartphone app.

How do I know what devices I can add to my Pulse system?

ADT even provides an ever-growing list of approved devices that have been thoroughly tested and proven to work with Pulse, so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues. While other, newer Z-Wave devices will still be able to talk to ADT Pulse just fine, the extra testing that folks at ADT perform to ensure compatibility means sticking to the approved devices list is probably your best bet.

Will ADT Pulse interfere with my home network?

Because ADT Pulse has Z-Wave inside, devices you add on to your ADT Pulse system won't compete with your home network for bandwidth. In fact, every wireless device that you add to your ADT Pulse system actually strengthens your home control network thanks to Z-Wave's mesh network capabilities. So installing a new light switch or lamp module could actually make your smart locks more reliable and responsive.

Our take

What makes ADT Pulse stand apart is that it combines all the benefits of home control and security into one unified system. So the same smartphone app that you use to arm and disarm your home and monitor your surveillance cameras, also works your lights, climate control, door locks, and more. It can even alert you to water leaks, potential fires, and even unsafe levels of carbon monoxide. Simply put, fewer apps to scroll through means that your connected Z-Wave home will be easier to operate and interact with, no matter where in the world you may be.

For more information on your ADT Pulse system, visit, where you'll find links to chat with a live ADT salesperson, as well as a handy FAQ covering everything from basic requirements to in-depth instructions on how to add Z-Wave devices to your ADT Pulse system.