Like most smart home systems, Nexia's backbone is a central hub that not only communicates with and coordinates all of your smart devices, but also serves as a gateway between your connected home and the outside world.

The Basics

Your Nexia hub might come in the form of the Nexia Bridge, a neat, discreet home control hub that connects to your home network via a wired connection and communicates with all of your smart devices via Z-Wave. But you might also have a Trane XL824 or XL850 Thermostat or the American Standard Gold 824 or Gold 850 Thermostat, which connect to your home network via Wi-Fi, and have a Nexia hub built in. Either way, Nexia is designed to be as easy to configure as possible.

Adding Devices to Your Nexia System

Given that all of its supported devices rely on Z-Wave (or, in the case of security cameras, Wi-Fi), you can always be sure that everything in your home will work together seamlessly. And making them work together couldn't be any easier. Adding devices can be done via the smart phone app or the MyNexia portal, which allows you to program your system using handy drop-down boxed and a slick graphical user interface that is super simple.

The Magic's in the Automation

One of Nexia's biggest features comes in what some call “scenes” – or tying devices together to trigger actions automatically without your input. Combine Modes with Automation events and you can add extremely sophisticated intelligence to your home with just a few clicks. You might want your nightlights to turn on when motion sensors in the hallway are triggered, for example, but only after sundown and only when your home is in Sleep mode.

Easy ability to add devices and program scenes and a full range of products it supports means that Nexia is a system that will grow with you. The $9.99/month monitoring costs covers remote access, so you can manage and monitor your system when you're not at home, but also 250 MB of cloud storage for your surveillance cameras. Nexia a robust Z-Wave smart home hub that gives you flexibility and ease when it comes to growing your smart home.