I bought a new home this summer, and the builder included several smart home products. There were a couple of smart wall switches, a Samsung SmartThings V2 Hub, Ring Video Doorbell Elite, plus an Echo Show and Echo Dot to control things further. Once I got things set up initially and could control my lights with my voice, I immediately wanted to automate more.  

We got our Halloween decorations out recently, and, while stringing lights and extension cords around the yard, I recalled the automation settings for turning things on and off with my smart hub. I started looking for outdoor smart plugs, and my search lead me to the GE Z-Wave Plug-in Outdoor Smart Switch. I bought three of them, and, when they arrived, it only took minutes to get them activated in my hub and to create a schedule. 

Now my Halloween lights come on each day at sunset (and, since the hub knows my location, it will keep adjusting that time as sunset gets earlier and earlier into the fall), and the lights turn off at a time I’ve specified. And if I want to control them outside of the main schedule, I can do so via an app, or I can use scenes I've created for my Echo devices and just ask Alexa to turn the lights on or off.  

Now we'll never forget to turn on our Halloween lights! We’re festive every day with no more effort on my part — that is, until it is time to take the decorations down! 

Browsing through all the Z-Wave products has my brain whirring, as I think of more places to use them. I think my next purchase is going to be the GE Lighting Control Three-Way On/Off Z-Wave Kit, which I can use to automate my routine of turning an exterior light on and off each night.