When the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, it seems that everybody’s energy bills seem to go up. According to the Residential Energy Consumption Survey from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 17 percent of total residential electricity consumption is from air conditioning alone. This summer, save energy and keep your bills down with smart home tech from Z-Wave.  Here’s how to save energy using Z-Wave smart home products: 

1. Make your thermostat smart 

If you’re spending most of the day away at work, then there’s no point in cooling an empty house. Of course, you still want your home to be cool when you finally walk through the door after a long day at the office.  

Keep your home refreshingly cool while still cutting back on your energy usage by upgrading to a smart thermostat.  

With a smart thermostat from Z-Wave, like the GoControl Z-Wave Smart Thermostat, you can program it to increase the temperature a few degrees in the morning when you leave from work, so no energy is wasted when you’re gone. Then, access the smart thermostat remotely via your smartphone to drop the temperature back down before you start your commute home. This way, you can come home to a cool house without wasting energy.   

2. Control ceiling fans remotely 

If you don’t have central air in your home and you’ve been keeping it cool with old-school ceiling fans, don’t worry: There’s still a way for you to easily manage your energy consumption with smart tech.  

With the Honeywell Z-Wave In-Wall-3-Speed Fan Control, you can remotely control your ceiling fans with your smartphone. Leave them off during the day while you’re gone to avoid wasting energy, and then log into the Honeywell app before you head to home to get the air circulating.  

And with 3-speed fan control, you can pick the right setting for your home, so you’re never using too much energy when you don’t need it. 

3. Block out the sun with smart window coverings 

Air-conditioning and ceiling fans actively work to cool down your home, but you can also keep things cool without any electricity by blocking heat right from the source.  

With smart window coverings, you can minimize the amount of sun coming into your home during the day. Use the ESI Z-Wave Smart Window Covering Motor Controller to easily adjust your window shades from your smartphone; you can even create Z-Wave smart scenes with intermediate positions to change the height of your shades throughout the day.  

Making your shades smart enough to intelligently block out the sun helps keep your home cool, without wasting energy.    

4. Automate your irrigation system 

Besides spending energy cooling your home, summertime also means you’re using extra resources to take care of your lawn.  

Use smart tech to cut your waste by automating your irrigation system with the FortrezZ Z-Wave MIMOlite Motor Control. This device makes any small appliance “smart” and enables it to speak with the rest of your Z-Wave network.  

Once you connect the FortrezZ to your motorized water valve, you can control your irrigation system with your smartphone. Program the water to turn on and off on a set schedule, so you can keep your lawn looking green without wasting water or energy.  

Summertime is normally when our energy bills jump up, but with the right smart home tech from Z-Wave, you can dramatically cut your energy consumption this season.  

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