The winter weather will be here before you know it—is your home ready to withstand the elements this season? Cold weather can bring expensive damage to your home, in addition to making the days seem long and bleak. This year beat the cold weather blues with smart home tech that helps protect your home while also making it just a bit cheerier. Here’s a few tips on how to use smart home tech to help you winterize your home:  

Use smart sensors to keep an eye on leaks 

Nobody wants to come home to a flood in their kitchen or bathroom. But sometimes what starts out as a small leak under the sink can quickly turn into a much bigger flood that threatens to damage the entire room – and pipes are most likely to leak or burst during the winter months when the temperature plummets.  

To get your home ready for the cold this season and to prevent floods before they start, install smart water sensors around your home in places that are at risk for flooding, like under the sink and near toilets or washing machines.  

As smart water sensor with Z-Wave smart home technology will send instant alerts to your smartphone as soon as water is detected accumulating where it shouldn’t, so you can act fast to stop a flood before it starts. 

Monitor your water heater with a smart temperature sensor 

Besides pipes, your home’s water heater is another cause for concern during the cold winter months. In fact, 69% of all water heater failures result from a slow leak or a sudden burst.   

But this winter you can use smart home tech to help you keep an eye on your pipes before they burst.  

For example, a smart temperature sensor, like the HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Multi-Sensor, detects changes in temperature. If you install this sensor on pipes near your water heater, then you can get a notification sent directly to your smartphone should they ever overheat. You’ll be able to take steps to prevent the pipe from bursting—and the resulting expensive damage to your water heater.  

Keep your home warm with a smart thermostat 

In addition to helping you fortify your home against water damage, you can also use smart home technology to help make your home warm and welcoming this year. 

For instance, using a smart thermostat means you can keep your home at the perfect, cozy temperature all season long—without ever having to touch the switch.  

Just connect your smart thermostat to a Z-Wave smart temperature sensor; when the smart sensor detects that the temperature has dipped below a certain degree, it can automatically signal to the smart thermostat to kick up the temperature, so your home stays warm and cozy, even on the coldest nights.  

Program smart lighting to welcome you home  

The winter months aren’t just colder—they’re darker, too. Thanks to Daylight Savings, you’re probably coming home after work when the sun has already gone down. But when you install smart home technology in your home this winter, you can always come home to well-lit, welcoming house.  

All you have to do is program your smart lights to function on a schedule, so that every day at sun down, they’ll turn on automatically.  

You can find smart bulbs with Z-Wave technology for inside and outside your house, so you never have to worry about returning home at night to a cold, dark house. 

If you’re not a fan of the cold weather, then the winter months can seem long and bleak ahead of you. But if you equip your house with smart home devices with Z-Wave technology, the winter season will be just a little brighter.  

Find more smart sensors to help you protect your home from winter water damage here. Then, grab smart thermostats and smart lights to keep your home warm and cheery until spring time.