With smart Z-Wave home technology, your teen can enjoy even more freedom without compromising your peace of mind.

As your teens become more like young adults, they rely on you less and less to be around. With smart Z-Wave home technology, your teen can enjoy even more freedom without compromising your peace of mind. Take a look at the different ways that your teen can maintain independence while ensuring that they stay safe and secure.

New-Found Independence

As a parent of teenagers, and especially if you’ve got more than one, keeping track of what they’ve got going on in their lives can sometimes be a gargantuan task. Smart home technology can alert you to who has opened and closed the front door, allowing you to stay informed of who’s in and who’s not. Using smart access control with a Yale Keyfree Z-Wave Lock, you can create a pin code specifically for your teenager and get an automatic smartphone alert when they arrive or leave the house.

This means that there are no keys to lose and no chance of your teen being locked out, also allowing them flexible access whenever they need it.

Staying in Control

Teens feel like they rule the roost most of the time, but they don’t always realize that running a household means more than just occasionally making dinner for their little sister.

The temperature tends to take an upward trend when teens are left to their own devices. When it gets chilly, the heating comes on and the t-shirts and shorts come out, even if it’s snowing outside. If you’d rather your children just throw a sweater on, then a smart thermostat with a lockable screen could prevent them getting free reign of the temperature control.

You can also monitor whether the door is kept locked when your teens are out. Z-Wave smart locks can alert you to the fact that a door has been opened and not locked – and it can also alert the teen’s phone specifically so there’s no excuse for forgetting.

Door sensors can also be used on out of bound areas, such as your private study area or bedroom. You can be alerted when the door has been opened and that there’s someone there who shouldn’t be.

In Case of Emergency

There are lots of Z-Wave products designed to help in an emergency, so if you’re away, you have the peace of mind that smart home technology is looking out for your teen.

Flood, fire and CO2 sensors will trigger an alarm and notify you so you can take action and make sure everyone in the household is safe.

Smart home technology makes life with teens easier, so you can be proud rather than anxious as they grow into young adults.