Looking to make your home smarter and safer this year? Look to Z-Wave.com to help you outfit your home with the newest and most sophisticated smart home technology available. Here are some of the newest products from Z-Wave that will make your family’s home the smartest house on the block:

Zipato Bulb 2

The new Zipato Bulb 2 from Z-Wave makes your home lighting more fun and more comfortable.

With a compatible Z-Wave controller, you can easily control the color and intensity of your smart light bulbs, turning them on and off or dimming them with one tap of your smart phone. This Z-Wave smart bulb even has separate warm white, cold white, and color LEDs that you can use to create custom, colorful lighting environments to give your home the mood lighting you want.    

Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Flood & Freeze Sensor

New products from Z-Wave don’t just make your home smarter—they make it safer too.

The Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Flood & Freeze Sensor is designed to alert you in case of flooding or extreme low temperatures in your home. With the accompanying smartphone app, you’ll receive notifications when temperatures drop too low or moisture levels rise to dangerous levels. This smart Z-Wave sensor can help protect your home by warning you, for example, before a pipe freezes; it can even communicate directly to a Z-Wave thermostat to tell it to turn up or on the heat.

Plus, with its compact design, the Ecolink Flood & Freeze Sensor is ideal for placement near toilets, behind refrigerators, or in other high-risk areas.

Qubino Flush RGBW Dimmer Switch

For even more color options than the Zipato Bulb 2, try the Qubino Flush RGBW Dimmer Switch. Choose any color imaginable to bring just the right mood lighting to your home—you can even have cool white or warm white from the same bulb.

When connected with a Z-Wave controller, this RGBW dimmer switch lets you control light bulbs and LED strips effortlessly from the Z-Wave smart home app. You can also create and schedule custom lighting scenes or use one of the five pre-programmed settings.

The smallest and most affordable Z-Wave RGBW solution on the market, this Qubino switch also acts as a signal repeater to boost your Z-Wave network.

Onkyo Alexa Wireless Audio System Adapter

This new Z-Wave device is far beyond the capabilities of the average wireless speaker.

Powered by Amazon Alexa voice service, you can use the Onkyo Alexa Wireless Audio System Adapter to ask for weather and traffic updates, order food, or play music. You can also use this device to control all of your Alexa-enabled connected devices, like lighting or thermostats.

This Onkyo system adapter is equipped with an integrated webcam and built-in sensors. Use the wide-angle HD video camera for video or voice calls or for room monitoring (a lens cover is included); use the built-in sensors to monitor the state of your home’s temperature, audio, motion, light, and humidity. Partnered with Toshiba smart home services, a cloud-based smart home management solution, this Onkyo device will send you alerts through the Toshiba smart home app if its sensors detect any changes to the room.

HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Devices

Also recently available to Z-Wave.com is a new collection of HomeSeer devices, including: the HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Motion Sensor; the HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Leak Sensor; the HomeSeer Scene-Capable Wall Dimmer; the HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor.

These new devices help make your home smarter and more secure by detecting motion, water leaks, and door and window movements and by giving you easy control over the wired light fixtures in your home.


Use these new Z-Wave products to make your family’s home the smartest house on the block.

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