Living with your parents can be amazing. Free food, free laundry, convenient wake-up calls from your mom, snacks in the pantry, cold beer in the refrigerator--and don’t forget about the thousands of dollars of savings you’ll accumulate while you’re living rent-free.

Sounds like a dream, right? Sure, maybe for a few months or for your first year after college. But after that, living at home might provide diminishing returns on your social life and your growth as a young professional. So, it’s time to move out on your own. You look for apartments and you realize that real life is actually pretty darn expensive. If you’re lucky enough to live in an awesome city, for example, like Denver, you’re aware of the plethora of super cool apartments downtown. If this is the case, then you’re also aware of the skyrocketing rent prices


That said, don’t let the rent prices deter you from finding something you’re happy with. It’s your first apartment and you should definitely get something you like. After that, it’s important to spruce up your apartment with quality design concepts and furniture that makes your place feel like home.


But now you’re out on your own. Your parents aren’t there to set your thermostat, wake you up, buy your groceries, turn off the lights before bed — they’re not going to be there to provide you with the convenient lifestyle that you had when living under their roof. But something else can — smart home technology!


Here are four must-have smart home technology devices for your first apartment. 


Amazon Echo


There is no doubt that you’ve heard about Amazon’s Alexa. And for just $99.99 you can get the new Amazon Echo 2nd Generation. This hands-free speaker is controlled by voice and connects to music services and your smartphone. It can provide you with answers to day-to-day questions about the weather, sports, and news — you’ll never need to call your Dad for the weather report again! (See, you’re already more efficient at living on your own. We all knew you could do it!) This will be a fantastic addition to your new apartment.


Aeotec Z-Wave Plus


When you’re living with your parents, you have nothing to worry about. No bills, no utilities to set up, and you definitely don’t need to worry about how much money you’re wasting by leaving the lights on all night. Now, you’re in your own place: You pay the bills. So, let smart home tech save you some money and create a more convenient lifestyle for you. The Aeotec Outlet Module will let you wirelessly control whatever device is plugged into it. You can control devices remotely via your smartphone, and the switch has energy-monitoring technology built directly into it to help save you dollars each month. You’ll be able to monitor your energy usage from any remote location, and the savings will start to pile up!


First Alert Smoke Alarm


As soon as you move into your first apartment, you’ll have to start cooking for yourself. Yeah, we know, you’ll miss those amazing home-cooked meals. And when you first start cooking, you’ll likely burn a few things on the stove or forget about that pizza in the oven. To ensure safety in your new place, install a smart smoke alarm. This battery-operated sensor will detect smoke and alert you immediately; even if you aren’t home, you’ll still receive alerts from your smart home network letting you know that there is smoke in your place. So, if you leave the oven running while you’re out of the apartment, you won’t have to worry! And Mom and Dad will rest easy knowing you’re a bit safer in your new place.


Wink 2 Hub


So, you’ve decided you’re going to implement smart home tech into your first apartment to create a more convenient lifestyle and fill the void left by not having your parents under the same roof. That’s awesome, and we think it’s a great decision.


But before you purchase even more devices, make sure you get the hub that controls it all. The Wink 2 Hub will make sure that all of your products, regardless of brand, will speak the same language. Keep your apartment connected and convenient, and enjoy the other perks of living on your own!


Don’t fear your first move. It’ll bring a lifestyle that you’ve always wanted. And by upgrading to a few smart home products, you’ll make things much easier on yourself. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be debating whether or not you want to rent or own? It could happen sooner than you think. And then you’ll need even more smart home tech to enhance yet another new place!