2018 is just around the corner—have you made a list of resolutions yet? As you get ready for the new year, don’t forget to make sure you update your home’s tech for 2018 too. Check out how you can prep your home for the future with these smart products:

The Hub

The first step to getting your home smartly equipped for the new year is with a hub. A hub is an essential part of any connected home, because it makes all your smart home products work together and allows you to stay connected to your home even when you’re away.

Smart hubs come in many different forms. Some come in the form of a small box that connects to your WiFi router, while some may be built into devices like thermostats or alarm panels. Some can be integrated with voice control to make managing your smart home even easier.  To get started creating your smart home network for the new year, use our smart guide to find the hub that’s right for you.



Once connected to your smart hub, you can use smart locks to remotely lock and unlock your doors from anywhere in the world with your smartphone via a secure app.

A smart lock gives you a secure peace of mind, because you can know exactly who is coming and going from your home. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to lock the door. Check the status of your smart lock with your smartphone, and simply lock it remotely when needed.

Using a smart lock also helps you cut back on the number of spare keys you need to keep track of. For example, is the housekeeper or a maintenance repair person visiting your home while you’re away? You don’t need to worry about giving them a key. Simply unlock the door to let them in, and then lock it again when they leave—all done remotely with your smartphone.

Smart locks are available in different forms (like deadbolts or levers) and colors. Find the right smart lock for your 2018 smart home here.


For an added layer of security, in addition to smart locks, outfit your home for the future with smart alarms and sirens to receive alerts of potential emergencies and safety problems.

The Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Siren Gen5, for example, can be set to trigger an alarm and flash lights when a door opens, motion is detected, or another event occurs. You can create up to five different alert tones to signal a range of emergency events. Additionally, this device easily plugs into a wall outlet, so no complicated re-wiring is required.

The Linear Wireless Z-Wave Siren & Strobe Alarm, on the other hand, is designed specifically to alert intruders of a security system presence. When you receive an alarm alert on your smartphone, the device sounds a siren and flashes a strobe light. When paired with a smart hub, this alarm can be controlled remotely, so you can turn off the siren at will. For greater security, this alarm features a unique anti-tamper design: an alert is automatically sent to you if the sensor cover is removed.



Forgetting to turn off lights is one of the major reasons for wasted energy—and wasted money. To make your home more energy efficient for 2018, get started with some smart lighting.

With smart lighting, you can remotely control your lights to turn them on or off, to brighten or dim them, and, even, to change their colors. You can also create lighting scenes and schedules; for example, you can set your smart lights to automatically turn on at the time you arrive home.

                                Types of Smart Lighting

  • Smart Switches

There are two kinds of smart switches: on/off switches and dimmer switches, both of which you can control at the switch, remotely, or via voice control.

  • Plug-in Modules

Simply plug these modules into existing outlets; then, you can control whatever device is plugged into them remotely with your smartphone.

  • Relays

Relays are little devices installed behind non-smart switches to turn them into smart switches. Like smart switches, you can choose from on/off relays or dimmer relays.

  • Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are bulbs that you can control individually. Use your smartphone to remotely turn them on or off, brighten or dim them, or change their color.

            Energy Management

In addition to smart lighting, you can equip your home with other smart products to better manage your energy use in the coming year.

For example, the Dome Z-Wave Plus On/Off Plug-In Switch with Energy Monitoring is a smart switch that monitors the energy consumption within your smart home. When connected to lamps or other small appliances, it can shut down devices when faced with an energy overload.

Coupled with other smart plugs and outlets, this device can help you stay abreast of your energy usage—and your energy bills.

             Smart Thermostats

Don’t waste money this winter heating your house when no one is home! With a smart thermostat, you can control your thermostat with your smartphone, so you can turn off the heat remotely if you accidentally left it on.

 In fact, these smart thermostats can even be programmed to turn themselves off. For instance, when connected with the rest of your smart devices, a smart thermostat can detect when a window is open and automatically shut itself off so that no heat (or money) is wasted.

There are many different styles and types of smart thermostats to choose from. Use our smart guide to find the best smart thermostat for your home for 2018.

Make 2018 your best, most secure, and most energy efficient year yet!

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