Preparing for vacation: keep your home safe while you’re away

Smart tips - July 12, 2021

Preparing for vacation: keep your home safe while you’re away

Summer is a great time of year to take a vacation, but before you leave, you want to be sure that your house is protected and that you have access to see what's happening while you're away. But don't let things like the threat of intruders or damage from bad weather take away from enjoying your time off. Utilize some smart home gear from Z-Wave and make your home look lived in – even if it’s not.

Set scenes with lighting that shows that you’re away

Would-be burglars love to hunt for homes that are obviously unoccupied. A house that stays dark from daybreak to sunset is a clear signal for them. Setting up scenes with your smart home devices is one great way to deter troublemakers. First, make sure you have a Z-Wave compatible hub – hubs are the brain of your smart home and allow you to create those customized scenes, so you’ll want to grab one before adding any other devices. Next, add a smart bulb or dimmer. There are great picks in the product section of the site; once those products are paired with your chosen hub and the smart home app is downloaded, you'll be able to control and monitor the tech inside your house and the house itself!

Quick Tip: Schedule a “Vacation” scene that turns lights on during your typical time frame at home, and dim the lights or turn them off when you’d typically be away. The best part? You can easily adjust them from the app if you want to switch your scene app from afar.

Security monitoring

So you’ve set up a few lighting scenes, now add a few smart sensors to alert you of movement in your home. Look for the motion sensor that makes sense for your home, whether it can be mounted or sit on a flat surface and the range you would like it to detect. If any movement is detected while everyone is away, the motion sensor springs to action, notifying you via your hub’s app when activity is detected. Sensors can also be incorporated into your smart lighting scene to turn on lights if motion is detected – this could also come in handy for monitoring outside activity.

Another way to keep an eye on your home while you’re away is with a smart security camera like the Piper nv Smart Home Z-Wave Plus Security System which is actually a camera with a built-in hub capacity. The high resolution, 180-degree immersive view camera features night vision and can be viewed live, or recorded remotely.


Take the extra step to make your home secure by installing a smart lock that can be remotely controlled. If you have house or pet sitters keeping an eye on your home while you’re away, locks like the Schlage Touchscreen Z-Wave Smart Deadbolt Lock offer the ability to set up to 30 unique codes, so they can let themselves in using a code only they have and you can change those unique codes as often as you'd like so someone who is no longer going to your house for a job or to help out with something won't still have access. It also comes with an anti-pick shield to protect against lock tampering and built-in alarm technology that senses movement of the door and alerts you via your hub’s app.

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