It can be hard to keep your home safe when you can’t have eyes everywhere, all the time. Luckily, smart cameras are here to help you out. They can keep an eye on your home when you can’t. Paired with other smart security devices, a smart camera is a major player in your home’s security system to keep your home and your family safe, 24/7.  Here’s how smart cameras can keep an eye on your home: 

1. Keep an eye on your house when nobody’s home 

Pair with: a smart alarm 

One of the most obvious reasons to get a smart camera is to be able to monitor the inside and outside of your home when you’re away. To safeguard your home and its surrounding property, look for smart cameras that are weather-resistant and can do double-duty indoors and outdoors. 

It’s not enough to just see potential intruders—you want to be able to scare them away, too. To further strengthen your home, pair your smart camera with a smart alarm. When the camera detects a possible intruder, it will take two actions: First, it will send you an instant alert that trouble has been detected; then, it will trigger the smart alarm, enacting the siren and/or strobe light to scare away the intruder. 

Together, a smart camera and a smart alarm can protect your home from intruders when you’re away.  

2. Make sure your kids are safe when you’re not home with them 

Pair with: a smart lock 

If your kids are staying home alone while you’re out or at work, you want to make sure that they feel safe even though you’re not there.  

Look for a smart camera that has two-way audio, so you and your kids can easily check in with each other at the touch of a button. Position the camera at key entry points of your home, so—if they have friends over, for example—you’ll know exactly who’s coming and going, and when. 

Pair your smart camera with a smart lock to double down on safety. You can receive a notification on your smartphone anytime someone comes or goes or if there’s any attempt at tampering, so you can be sure that your kids are staying safe at home.  

3. Have an extra eye in every room of the house 

Pair with: a smart sensor 

Sometimes even when you’re home, it can be difficult to keep an eye on everyone. If you’re working from home in your office or doing chores in the kitchen, you may not be able to be in the same room as your kids, but you still want to keep an eye on them, whether they’re outside playing in the yard or just downstairs in the other room.  

Positioning smart cameras and smart sensors around your home gives you an extra pair of eyes, so you can check in on everyone without stopping what you’re doing. 

Install a smart camera and a smart motion sensor in your yard. If the kids stray too far while they’re playing, the sensor will send you an alert—or you can see it on the camera. Then, use the two-way audio to remind them to stay close.  

When you use a smart camera as part of your home’s security system, you really can have eyes in the back of your head!  

Add a smart camera to your Z-Wave network to protect your home no matter where you are.