If you know anything about smart homes, then you’re probably well familiar with smart lighting, smart alarms, and smart locks. But there is so much more that you can do to put your home at the head of the smart device game. Check out these smart devices you probably didn’t know existed:

Smart Sensors

In addition to the more traditional smart locks and alarms, smart sensors add a new level of safety and security to your home. A smart sensor isn’t controlled by your home—it detects changes in your home environment and then sends you an alert on your smartphone.

Smart sensors with Z-Wave give you real-time status updates on what’s happening in your home. For example: Is there motion detected when you’re not home? Was the door opened while you were on vacation? Was smoke or water detected?

Smart sensors help keep your home secure; after receiving an alert on your phone, you can call a neighbor, the necessary authorities and/or trigger an alarm in your home. In fact, a Z-Wave customer recently shared how smart sensors helped to save her home from a fire.

                Types of Smart Sensors

Smart Outlets

With smart outlets, you can enjoy even greater wireless control of your smart home products.

For example, the GE Z-Wave Plug-In Appliance Module enables wireless control of on and off functions for standard incandescent table and floor lamps, fluorescent table and floor lamps, and small appliances.

This appliance module features a Z-Wave enabled outlet for the appliance you want to control, plus a regular pass-through AC outlet for other electrical devices. This means that, with this smart outlet, you can easily control appliances remotely and even control lights in grouped sequences.

Smart Window Coverings

Some smart devices are so versatile that it’s hard to nail them down to one specific category—like the FortrezZ Z-Wave MIMOlite Motor Control.

This smart device can control anything from a garage door opener to a drapery motor. How does it work? With one input and one output (that can be used simultaneously), the FortrezZ can connect to almost any traditional wire device and convert it to make it “speak Z-Wave.” That means that with a Z-Wave hub, you can use this smart window covering to do more than just control drapery motors. The FortrezZ can also control doorbell sensors, gas fireplaces, wired lighting, electric door strikes, and motorized water valves.

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Smart USBs

Finally, one of the more obscure smart devices you may not have heard of is a smart USB.

Take the Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Z-Stick, for example. This is a self-powered Z-Wave USB dongle with a push button for remote network creation. Essentially, this smart USB makes your computer a gateway Z-Wave hub for your smart home.

When attached to a host processor, this USB becomes a Z-Wave communication device. In other words, it enables Z-Wave communication among all your smart home devices. This specific smart USB can allow a host processor to control up to 232 Z-Wave devices.

A smart USB like the Aeotec simplifies Z-Wave smart home network installation, making it perfect for both the smart home enthusiast and the novice. Find more smart USBs at Z-Wave here.

When it comes to smart home devices, there’s no end to creativity.

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