There’s nothing more stressful than wondering if you left the garage door open or remembered to set your security alarm when you left home. But these nagging fears can disappear with the mere swipe of your finger when you transform your house into a smart home.

How Going Smart Can Improve Your Life

When you transform your house into a smart home, you put the power to control your home’s systems, appliances, and security into the palm of your hand. Most smart home gadgets can be controlled through apps installed on your smartphone, which makes managing your home—and your life—easier than ever before.

● Smart homes are more energy efficient, which saves you money and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

● Smart technology makes your home more secure. You can lock doors remotely, double-check the alarm, and view surveillance footage in real time.

● Smart gadgets provide unprecedented convenience. Home automation can take care of everything from making you coffee in the morning to closing the blinds before you turn in at night.

How Smart Homes Interact with the Internet

Making your home smarter takes nothing more than a reliable Internet connection, a Z-Wave network and Z-Wave devices. Z-Wave is a wireless technology that doesn’t interfere with your Wi-Fi network, but allows your Z-Wave smart home devices to communicate with each other. A standard smart home setup uses apps and a hub to connect and control all the smart gadgets in your home.

To make sure your smart home upgrade goes smoothly (and delivers everything you want), you need an Internet speed and bandwidth that can handle everything on your smart network. Fortunately, the amount of data used to communicate back and forth from the hub to most devices is usually minimal.

The Must-Have Smart Gadgets You Need

Now that you know how to transform your house into a smart home, it’s time to identify the smart devices you need to get started. Here’s a look at the essential smart gadgets every smart home should have:

● Smart Hub — Pick a comprehensive controller so the heart of your smart home operates swiftly and easily. Samsung’s SmartThings Hub works with Z-Wave and works with Amazon’s Alexa to enable voice control.

● Smart Thermostat — Manage your home’s energy efficiency and stay comfortable with a smart thermostat. The GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat is one of the easiest to install and works great with any Z-Wave hub.

● Smart Lighting — Automate lighting throughout your home with Z-Wave enabled dimmers, switches, and/or light bulbs. The Linear Wall-Mount Dimmer Switch instantly gives you remote control of your lights from anywhere, at any time.

● Smart Locks — Never again wonder if you forgot to the lock the front door with the Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt. It’s compatible with more than fifty smart home systems, including the SmartThings Hub mentioned above.

Going smart isn’t just for techies or people with money to burn. Today, it’s easier and more affordable than ever before to improve your life with smart technology. All you need to do is decide which smart features you can’t live without and make sure you select the right Internet setup to keep it all working smoothly.