Do you know somebody who’s graduating this spring? As the new grad leaves behind academia and embarks on the next new chapter in their life, you can help them start off on the right foot with some smart home tech.   Here are the best smart home gifts for grads:  

1. Getting started with smart home tech 

For a new grad leaving school, the next year will likely be full of “firsts,” like their first job or their first apartment—and you can give them their first smart home! 

First, get the young professional started with a smart hub, which will become the foundation on which they can build a growing smart network. The Securifi Almond+ Smart Home Hub & Router is particularly great for young grads, because it can do double duty, acting as both a smart home hub and a WiFI router, all in one.  

Next, to help the graduate get started building their smart home network, add on some smart lighting. The Aeotec Z-Wave LED Strip for Brightening and Atmosphere, which can light up in 16 million colors, will help them make their first apartment come alive. Or gift them the Zipato Bulb 2, which has a dimmer for customizable intensity and color. 

2. Staying safe with smart home tech 

For the young grad leaving school and moving out on their own, you can give them (and, let’s be honest, their parents!) the gift of peace of mind with smart home technology that’s designed for security.  

The Arlo Q Plus 1080p HD Security Camera, for example, combines two-way audio with 1080p HD video so that the graduate can see and hear everything that’s going on in their new apartment—no matter where they are. Paired with a smart lock, like the Kwikset SmartCode 916 Z-Wave Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock, you can help make sure the young grad is always safe in their new home.  

With the Kwikset lock, they can lock, unlock, and check the status of their door remotely. It’s also equipped with a single cylinder deadbolt that can be locked and unlocked with a key for added security. 

3. Entertaining with smart home tech 

Staying safe in a new home is obviously important, but a young graduate also wants to focus on having fun! Give them smart home tech that will make their new place technologically savvy and uniquely personal.  

A smart speaker with voice control, like Amazon Echo, lets them play music at will, listen to the news, and check sports scores. Plus, available in a number of unique finishes, from classic black to trendy walnut, this smart speaker can match any young grad’s style.  

Graduation is a key turning-point in a young person’s life. Help them start their next chapter the right way with smart home tech from Z-Wave.