Holiday tunes have taken over the radio, your décor is likely strung up around your home and parties and merry-making abound. While lots of people love to get their holiday shopping done months in advance, the rest of us wait until the last possible moment and are left scrambling looking for unique gifts that will please our loved ones. If you’re stumped on gift ideas, consider gifting a smart home starter kit or a few one-off devices to help get your recipient started connecting their home. There’s never been a better time to give smart home – especially devices built with Z-Wave inside – with a wide range of device options and categories that all work together seamlessly in the home.

Here are a few of our favorite products to gift this holiday season, from smart hubs to get you started, to lighting and voice control to round out a system, we have it all on!

Wink 2 Z-Wave Plus Smart Hub

Every smart home starts with a smart hub – it’s the beating heart of a system that keeps all other devices connected and offers one place to control multiple devices in a home. The Wink 2 smart hub is one of the most popular Z-Wave compatible options and perfect for smart home beginners! If your gift recipient doesn’t have a smart hub yet, be sure to grab one!

Price at Time of Posting: $99.00

Onkyo Z-Wave Plus Alexa Wireless Audio System Adapter

The Onkyo Z-Wave Plus Alexa Wireless Audio System Adapter may be a mouthful – but this handy smart speaker offers a lot of smart capabilities in one sleek device that will look perfect on any counter or bookshelf. Simply connect your smart devices and start controlling them with Alexa, Amazon’s smart voice assistant. With Alexa enabled devices connected, you can control thermostats, lighting, and much more by voice, giving you greater control of your environment. An integrated webcam and built-in sensors partnered with Toshiba smart home services, a cloud-based smart home management solution, and the Toshiba smart home app, a free control app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, allow you to monitor a room or control the climate with preconfigured smart devices connected.

Price at Time of Posting: $89.95

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) - Sandstone Fabric

Prefer to purchase an Alexa supported device via Amazon? Grab the second-generation Amazon Echo in a stylish Sandstone Fabric wrap that will look good in any home office, bedroom or living space. The Amazon Echo is perfect for those who want to be able to do lots of different tasks from one place. Controlling smart home devices is just one of the many capabilities Amazon Echo offers – you can also use it to stream music, podcasts, catch up on the news and much more.

Price at Time of Posting: $69.99

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Security is one of the most popular use-cases for a smart home and the Ring Video Doorbell is among the most well-known security devices on the market currently. Install the Ring Video Doorbell at your front door (or any home entryway) to easily see, hear and speak to visitors from anywhere.

Price at Time of Posting: $169.00

Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Plug-In Outlet Module

A smart plug may seem like a simple gift, but it’s actually one of the most useful smart home devices you can have. Simply add this plug to any standard outlet and plug in a lamp, appliance or other device and access it from whichever Z-Wave compatible smart hub you have to turn off devices or add to a smart scene schedule. The Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Plug-In Outlet Module also provides energy usage information visually just by looking at the LED ring on the device.

Price at Time of Posting: $49.99