Father’s Day is coming up around the corner. Tired of buying him the same clichéd ties and sports accessories? Don’t worry - there are plenty of smart home products that your dad is sure to love.   Here are the best smart home products for Dad and what they can do: 

1. Take care of the lawn 

There are two kinds of dads: those who love to spend time taking care of the lawn and those who hate it. No matter how your dad feels about yardwork, Z-Wave’s smart tech can help him get the job done.  

Using the FortrezZ Z-Wave MIMOlite Motor Control, Dad can hook up your home’s motorized water valve to your Z-Wave smart network. Then, he can effortlessly control the irrigation system remotely via his smartphone. He can even program the system to work on a set schedule, so he’ll never have to worry about remembering to turn the water on or off.   

2. Control the lights 

Remember getting nagged by your dad whenever you forgot to turn off the lights? When you give him the gift of Z-Wave tech, it means that the lights in your home will be smart enough to take care of themselves.  

With the GoControl Z-Wave Plus Light Bulb, for example, Dad can program the lights to turn on and off on a set schedule, or he can connect them with a smart sensor to turn on only when motion is detected. And, should you ever accidentally leave the lights on, Dad can easily turn them off with his smartphone.   

3. Control the thermostat 

The only thing dads seem to obsess over more than the lights is the thermostat. So, for Father’s Day this year, give your dad a smart thermostat so that he can be as obsessive about the temperature as he wants.  

The Trane Nexia Home Intelligence Z-Wave Thermostat will let him set up to four schedules per day for seven different days. It will even send him filter and maintenance reminders to help him extend the life of your home’s HVAC system. 

4. Make coffee 

If your dad’s not that impressed by things like automated lighting or temperature control, then there’s something else that Z-Wave technology can do for him: Make coffee.  

All you need is a Z-Wave smart switch, like the Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Plug-In Outlet Module. Any common, small appliance that’s plugged into this smart switch instantly becomes “smart”—including your dad’s coffeemaker. This means you can create a smart “Wake Up” scene so that, every morning at 8:00, your dad’s coffee automatically starts brewing.  

5. Keep the house (and the family) safe 

As much as your dad may love tech that can help him take care of the lawn or control the thermostat, you now that his top priority is always to keep the home—and his family—safe.  

This Father’s Day, give him the gift of peace of mind with a Z-Wave smart camera and smart lock. With the Nest Cam Camera, Dad can keep an eye on the house when he’s away. And with the Schlage Touchscreen Z-Wave Smart Deadbolt Lock, he can receive notifications on his phone of who’s coming and going from the house, and when.  

This Father’s Day, steer clear of the ties and golf clubs. Instead, find Dad a smart gift that’ll he truly love from Z-Wave.