Picking out the right gift for someone is always a challenge, but it's especially difficult when it comes to wedding gifts. The next time you attend a wedding, don't stick to the boring go-tos on the registry like flatware or appliances. Instead, toast the newlywed couple with some modern smart home gear! Take a look at some of the top connected home tech for newlyweds:

A Smart Hub 

To help the happy couple settle into married life, give them the foundation for a growing smart home network.   

The first step is a smart hub. Here are a few options: 

1. Nexia Home Bridge/Hub 

With the Nexia Home Bridge/Hub, you can connect any Z-Wave enabled smart home product for 24/7 remote monitoring and control with a Nexia subscription. 

This hub is the perfect foundation for a newlywed couple’s new smart network; it can support over 200 devices, so they can grow their arsenal of smart locks, lights, thermostats, and more over time.  

And, for reliable security, the Nexia hub connects to a home's router, so that they can control their smart home through a securely encrypted broadband Internet connection. 

2. Securifi Almond + Smart Home Hub & Router

For a hub that packs a double punch, look to the Securifi Almond + Smart Home Hub and Router.

This device is a touchscreen-based home router with Z-Wave smart home control. Because this smart home router already has a smart hub built into it, there’s no need to buy another hub to control other smart home devices (i.e. you’re giving two gifts in one!).

The hub’s touchscreen display is at once beautiful to look at and simple to set up—no web browser is required for installation. With a long-range dual band WiFi using Powerful Amplifiers, the Securifi Almond + Smart Home Hub is also smartly secure; it alerts the homeowner when unknown or known devices join the network.

Plus, with a 1-Year Limited Warranty and Unlimited Tech Support, this is a gift the happy couple can enjoy for the long-haul.

Smart Lighting 

Candlesticks are a bit old-fashioned. For the modern couple's love nest, smart lighting is the best mood lighting. Together, the GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Lighting Smart Dimmer Switch and the Zipato Bulb 2 make the perfect wedding gift: 

1. GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Lighting Smart Dimmer Switch  

With this smart dimmer switch, the new couple can wirelessly schedule, control, and adjust the brightness of any dimmable wall or ceiling light.  

Getting set up with the GE dimmer switch is simple, as they can install it in their home's existing wiring.  

Besides creating the perfect mood lighting, there's another benefit to dimmable lights: energy conservation. Dimmed lighting helps to cut energy costs and extend the life of the bulbs—a win-win.

2. Zipato Bulb 2   

When used with a compatible controller (like the GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Lighting Smart Dimmer Switch), this smart bulb lets the user control the color and intensity of their home's lighting. With separate options for warm white, cold white, and different color LEDs, the newlywed couple has many choices for their desired mood lighting.  

Easily controlled with a phone, this Zipato bulb can be adjusted to create a variety of lighting environments to suit any mood or occasion.  

Smart Locks 

If the just-married couple is settling into a new home after their wedding, security should be a top priority. Keep things secure, smart, and stylish with one of these Z-Wave smart locks: 

1. Schlage Touchscreen Z-Wave Smart Deadbolt Lock 

Combining security and style, this Schlage smart lock is the perfect wedding gift. With a built-in, audible alarm sensor, this lock will alert the homeowner to any activity at the door, and its anti-pick shield safeguards against any lock-tampering.  

The best part is that users can enjoy sophisticated, smart technology without any aggravating set-up—simply install with a screwdriver, and it's ready for use!  

2. Schlage Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock Kit 

With the smart Schlage Z-Wave lock, you can give the newlywed couple the convenience of going keyless. Never again will they have to worry about forgetting their keys when leaving the house. Plus, this lock can hold up to thirty user-codes—so it can certainly accommodate a growing family!

Available in colors Nickel, Brass, or Bronze and in a variety of styles, this deadbolt lock kit is a great gift for newlyweds: it comes with a matching handle set so that their house can be at once smart, secure, and stylish.

Shopping for a modern couple? Then don’t give them a boring, old-fashioned gift.

Find more smart wedding gifts, like voice control devices and smart window coverings at Z-Wave.com.