The Google vs. Amazon debate is almost as divisive as the iPhone vs. Android debate. But whichever team you’re on, both virtual assistants can help make your Z-Wave smart home network more powerful and easier to use. Here’s how: 

Cool ways to use Google Home or Amazon Echo in your home 

When you add Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to your Z-Wave network, you have the power to control your smart devices without ever lifting a finger.  

1. Lights 

Settling in for movie night? Just tell Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to “turn off the living room lights” to make the room cinema-ready.  

And, with a smart dimmer switch, you can get even more specific and tell your virtual assistant to dim or brighten the lights to a specific level: “Turn the living room lamp to 20!”    

2. Thermostats 

Finicky about the temperature in your home? That’s okay, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can handle it. Just tell your virtual assistant of choice to create schedules on your smart thermostat so each room is always just right.  

Switching between hot and cold? Remember, you don’t have to live by the schedules you set. Just tell Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, “set the kitchen to 69 degrees.”  

3. Locks 

Have you ever been all settled in bed, but you can’t remember if you locked the front door or not? In a Z-Wave-enabled home, there’s no need to get up—just tell your virtual assistant to do it for you! 

If you have a smart lock like the simply say, “Hey Google,” or, “Hey Alexa, lock the front door,” so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep, knowing your home is safe and secure.  

4. Security systems 

Running out the door in the morning and you have no free hands to set your security system? Don’t let your home’s security fall by the wayside—just tell your virtual assistant to take care of it.  

You can say, “Alexa, tell arm my security system.” Then, you can set off for your day with the peace of mind that your home is reliably armed.  

5. Garage doors 

Did the kids leave the house and forget to close the garage door again? No need to get up from what you’re doing. All you have to do is holler to your virtual assistant—whether it be Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant—and it will tell your Z-Wave garage controller to make sure the door is closed. 

Why should you add Google Home or Amazon Echo to your home? 

If your home is already full of smart devices, you may wonder what more a virtual assistant could do for you. The answer is: A lot.  

Adding Google Home or Amazon Echo to your compatible Z-Wave hub expands both the number of devices the virtual assistant can control and the type of devices it can control. In other words, marrying your Z-Wave hub with Google Home or Amazon Echo means your voice commands have more power. 

For one, it means that you can use a single voice command to link multiple interoperable Z-Wave devices. Suppose you programmed your garage door to close when you lock the front door. With the help of your virtual assistant, you can kill two birds with one stone. Just say, “Hey, Google,” or, “Hey, Alexa, lock the front door,” and the garage door will follow suit.  

Adding Amazon Echo or Google Home to your Z-Wave network is like having your own personal butler to open all the doors for you—except a virtual assistant can do more. 

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