Are you the go-to host for your group of friends? While throwing a party is usually a lot of fun, taking care of the food, the music, and the atmosphere can end up being pretty stressful. Let Z-Wave take over some of the hosting duties, so you can relax and enjoy time with your guests.   Here’s how Z-Wave smart home tech can help you entertain: 

1. Z-Wave helps you keep track of your arriving guests 

For the host, the beginning of the party is often the busiest, as you’re trying to entertain guests who have already arrived while also running back and forth to the door to greet newcomers.  

But with a video doorbell from Z-Wave, you can see who’s arriving at the door from your smartphone. Paired with a smart lock, you can use your smartphone to let new guests into your home even when you’re in the middle of serving up drinks and chips.  

Don’t want to spend the whole party glued to your phone? Try one of Z-Wave’s keypad-enabled smart locks, like the Kwikset SmartCode 916 Z-Wave Smart Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock. Create a temporary code and give it to all your guests before the part (and disable it afterwards!), so they can let themselves in upon arrival.  

2. Z-Wave makes coffee for you 

Want to serve up coffee for all your guests after dinner? With Z-Wave as your party co-host, you don’t have to leave all the fun to go make coffee alone in the kitchen.  

Using the Dome Z-Wave Plus On/Off Plug-In Switch with Energy Monitoring, you can set up your coffee pot before the party starts and program it to start brewing at, say, 9:00 p.m. after dinner. Or, if you’re not sure when your guests are going to want coffee, you can forego a pre-set time and just use your smartphone to command your Z-Wave smart switch to turn on the coffeepot when you’re ready. 

3. Z-Wave can adjust the party’s atmosphere throughout the night 

As your party moves from hors d’oeuvres to dinner to a nightcap, the mood of your guests will change. With Z-Wave smart home tech, you can program a few smart scenes before they party starts to help you stay on top of the adjusting atmosphere. 

Create an “Arrival” scene that automatically turns on outdoor lights to help guests find their way to the front door and plays welcoming, upbeat music. When it’s time for dinner, command your smart home to switch to your “Dinner” scene. The music will automatically switch to a softer playlist (Sinatra, anyone?), and the volume will lower to allow for easy dinner-table conversation. Then, for an après dinner drink, tell Z-Wave to switch to a “Party” scene to lower the lights and turn up the music to your favorite dance-party playlist. 

Want it to be the “hostess with the mostess?” Let Z-Wave smart tech be your party co-host, so you can serve up the best party on the block.  

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