Perfect for Families with Newborns & Toddlers

Years ago, a couple brought their first baby home from the hospital: They entered their apartment; the mom sat down on a chair with the baby; and the dad asked, “Well, what are we supposed to do now?”

That was followed by many nights of getting up frequently “just to check on her.” While parents still may sleep with their proverbial eyes and ears open — ready to bolt out of bed to make sure nothing is wrong with their baby — the use of smart technology for newborns and toddlers can make life a lot easier.

Whether you live in a Cincinnati apartment with just enough space for two parents and a newborn baby,  or you live in a Lebron James-esque Cleveland mansion, it doesn’t matter: Smart home innovations can make life with a newborn much, much easier.  

Check out these innovative products: (And don’t forget: For a smart start at home, check out a full list of products here.)

The Smart Doorbell

Many parents of toddlers and newborns are caught constantly running around the house chasing the little ones and making sure the entire house is safe and sound. When the doorbell rings, this proves an almost impossible task. Using a smart doorbell will allow any parent of young ones to see and hear the person at their door without leaving the side of their children to do so.

The Aeotec Door/Window Sensor

This sensor will help any parent in a multitude of ways:

  • Notify parents of the opening of a window in a child’s bedroom
  • Alert parents about the closing of a door in the nursery
  • Send radio signals up to 5 associated Z-Wave devices within the smart home network
  • Provide peace of mind

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

Old-school parents would put their kids to sleep by placing a fan in their room or even using a vacuum cleaner, because we all know that white noise helps both kids and adults fall asleep. This new invention allows you to dial in the perfect sleep environment as you can shuffle through a large number of soft songs or white noise options on your Amazon Echo. With simple voice control, you’ll be able to easily control all the white noise options you need in your toddler’s room or baby’s nursery.

Smart Lighting Options

Putting your baby to sleep is sometimes the hardest part. First, you need the bottle. Then, you need the perfect amount of white noise, as referenced above. Lastly, is the lighting in the room just as you need it?

In most cases, no it’s not! Babies are picky about lighting when it’s nap time, so make sure you have full control from a different room by installing the Smart Dimmer. You’ll have wireless control of on/off and dim functions right at your fingertips.

How About the Temperature?

You might sleep like a rock with the temperature set at 68 degrees constantly. Unfortunately, small children are much more inconsistent when it comes to the temperature that they like during a long night’s sleep. To help monitor the temperature and control it from another room, invest in the GoControl Smart Thermostat, so you can control the temperature all across your home using your mobile device.

Your sleeping baby will thank you later.

Echo Show

This device is a lifesaver for many parents. Echo Show brings the powerful voice control from the original Echo, but, this time, adds video content and visuals for all ages. When you’re trying to feed a toddler and a baby and you have ten other things to do that day, sometimes you need to allow your kids a little screen time. With this product, you’ll easily be able to control what they watch and change the content, hands-free.

Although the food might be spilling everywhere at lunchtime, at least you’ll have two hands to clean it up!

Bringing It All Together

To utilize the many amazing smart home products that help make life easier with young kids, a smart hub is essential.

All of your smart home products need to work seamlessly together, so a smart hub is the answer. Start with a smart hub and piece together the devices and products you need from there.

Why not make life easier for you and your kids?