When you hear the words “smart home,” do you ever wonder: “What does ‘smart’ really mean?” It’s time to get smart about smart home products, so you can take full advantage of everything they can do in your home. Check out some of the unique smart home features of Z-Wave devices: 

1. Control your home’s energy usage 

Energy conservation has become a priority for most households. How can you be sure you’re doing your part for the environment by conserving energy (and saving some money on energy bills along the way), without sacrificing all the tech you love?  

Smart thermostats 

smart thermostat, like the GoControl Z-Wave Smart Thermostat or the Iris 7-Day Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat, gives you the convenience of managing your home’s energy usage from anywhere in the world via your smartphone.  

How does it work? Suppose you left the window open when you left for work in the morning. Working with a smart window sensor, a smart thermostat with Z-Wave technology can automatically shut itself off when it’s alerted that a window is open so that you don’t waste any air conditioning or heat. Similarly, Z-Wave thermostats can also work with motion detectors to turn off heat when no motion is detected for a long time. 

With a smart thermostat, you don’t have worry about wasting energy and money on air conditioning or heating when no one is home.  

Even if you do forget to adjust the thermostat before you head to work in the morning or leave for vacation for a week, you can always check the status of your Z-Wave thermostat with your smartphone no matter where you are and make the necessary adjustments to save energy and money.  

Smart lighting 

Like smart thermostats, smart lighting can help you conserve energy and keep your monthly bills down.  

Set schedules to turn off lights at certain times, so that you’re never wasting energy (or money!) to light an empty house. For example, do you leave the house at 8:30 every morning? Program your smart lights, like the Zipato Bulb 2 or the Aeotec Z-Wave LED Bulb, to turn off in the morning when you leave for work.  

Smart lighting products from Z-Wave can also be controlled remotely, so you can manage your home’s energy usage even when you’re around. Worried that the kids left the lights on again? Just log on with your smartphone to check the status of your lights and turn them off if needed to save energy and money.  

2. Keep your home safe 

Protecting your home—and your family—is the top priority of any homeowner. With the right Z-wave smart home products, keeping your home safe and secure has never been easier and more reliable.  

Smart sensors 

smart sensor detects changes in your home environment and sends you alerts directly to your smartphone, so you can respond as needed (e.g. alert the authorities or set off an alarm in your home).  By getting status updates in real time, you always know what’s going in your home and never have to worry if it’s under threat. 

Z-Wave smart sensors come in many different forms:  

  • Motion/multi-sensors: Detect motion in your home 
  • Door/window sensors: Check the status of your home’s doors and windows 
  • Smoke/co sensors: Inform you if a fire starts or there’s a carbon monoxide issue in your home 
  • Water/flood sensors: Sense water, so you can take action to avoid flood damage in your home. 

Smart sensors add a new level of safety to your home, so you can know your home—and your family—are protected, no matter where you are.  

Smart locks 

Smart locks, like the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect or the Kwikset SmartCode  Z-Wave Smart Lock Deadbolt give you the power to remotely control the security status of your home, as well as the peace of mind to know your home is always secure.  

Once your smart lock is connected to your Z-Wave smart hub, you can remotely access it to lock or unlock your door at any time, from anywhere in the world. This makes your home smarter and safer.  

For instance, did you forget to lock the house when you left for work in the morning (or you’re worried that the kids did)? Use your smartphone to check the status of your smart lock—was it really left open? Just lock it remotely.  

Smart locks also bring the benefits of keyless entry. For one, you never have to worry about losing or forgetting your keys again. You can also take advantage of keyless entry to monitor who comes and goes from your home. Is the housekeeper or babysitter stopping by? No need to give them a key—just remotely lock the door when they arrive, and then lock it behind them when they leave. Are the kids headed home from school? Check on your smartphone to see that they did arrive home and that they’ve locked the door behind them. Plus, with unique user codes, you’ll always know exactly who’s coming and going. 

The right Z-Wave devices can help you swiftly manage your home’s energy usage and keep your family safe at home, 24/7.  

Find the smart thermostatssmart lightingsmart sensors, and smart locks that are right for you at Z-Wave.com