Let's be real: using technology may be second nature to millennials such as ourselves, but it doesn't come as naturally to many older adults. And who can blame them? They've had little to no exposure to technology apart from the TV remote control, and it's often difficult for them to even see computer screen much less the small smartphone screen with its blizzard of apps and icons. However, technology can be a big help in keeping seniors independent and in their own homes for longer. Here’s where voice control comes in.


With voice control, an older person can easily navigate through otherwise complicated systems using nothing but voice commands. Voice assistants can easily be used to communicate through a connected Z-Wave smart home network to conveniently control household devices such as lighting and temperature control. Another challenge that faces seniors can be reduced mobility.  Here again, voice control of door locks and lighting can be not just convenient but can add to the safety of an older person living on their own.  For example, the ability to ask a smart assistant to “turn on the bathroom light” when getting up in the night can be a big help in preventing falls.


If a senior is in an emergency situation, being able to unlock an entry with a voice command can make it far easier for a neighbor or first responder to enter the home without damage. Integrating Z-Wave smart home products into a smart assistant so they can be controlled with the voice is one-way technology can be used to address the challenges of aging.


Below are just a few of the voice assistants in the market that integrate easily with a Z-Wave whole home hub for maximum convenient and home safety.


Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker you can control with your voice. You can use it for a wide variety of tasks from playing your favorite music to replying to texts and even checking the news as well as integrating with home control devices. All you have to do to get its attention is to say, "Alexa."


Echo Spot

The Echo Spot takes voice control to a whole new level by pairing it up with a built-in screen. You can now also ask to see news clips, the weather, and messages. Of course, the Echo Spot also utilizes voice control.


Onkyo Z-Wave Plus Alexa Wireless Audio System Adapter

This smart speaker is also a Z-Wave hub so it can answer any questions and play music just like Alexa and comes with the bonus of controlling household appliances such as thermostats and lighting without a secondary hub


To be honest, you can't go wrong with voice control- regardless of your age.