2017 was a big year for smart home technology. Enthusiasts saw their much beloved smart products move from the early adopter stage to mass market adoption, as everyone, it seems, either gifted or received some kind of Amazon Alexa-enabled device for the holidays. What else did we learn about smart home technology from 2017?

1. Security is king 

At its inception, smart home technology (at least for the masses) was mostly about entertainment and audio control. But this year, the tech came into a new light, as more people realized the advantages of smart home security. In fact, smart security was the key driver for bringing smart home technology to the mass audience and is now a must-have for homeowners and property owners. 

2. Smart technology adds value to your home 

Smart home technology isn’t just attractive to homeowners; it’s also a big plus for prospective home buyers. This is especially true for the millennial generation who look for modern efficiency and style in their homes. Even simple smart home additions, like just one smart lock, can catch the eye of potential buyers in the future—so start installing now!  

3. Seniors citizens love it too 

It’s not just the millennial generation that’s taken with smart home tech—baby boomers love it too! And with the mass adoption of smart products in 2017, we saw how they can be a big help for senior citizens aging in place.  

For example, seniors can easily control smart lighting, smart security devices, and smart sensors with voice control, and these devices can even be accessed remotely by their children’s smartphones, no matter where they are. 

4. Energy management is a priority 

Today, efficient energy management has become a top priority for almost everyone, and smart home technology is a simple, reliable way to track your home’s energy usage. With smart switches that can automatically turn on and off on a schedule and smart thermostats that you can control remotely, more and more people are using smart tech to reduce energy waste and cut their energy bills. 

Smart home technology will continue to proliferate in 2018—make it a part of your home!  

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