Smart home technology is surging in popularity. There are thousands of smart home devices and gadgets currently on the market, all of which are designed to add convenience and flair to your life by transforming your home into an interactive experience. Thanks to innovations in technology, smart home options are becoming easier and more affordable for everyday families to implement into their homes. However, not all smart home technologies are created equal. Z-Wave has been on the smart home scene for over ten years and has become distinguished as the safest option in home automation for a variety of reasons

Cutting Edge Security

Z-Wave is an industry leader and innovator in smart home technology, and security is a top priority. The encryption used to secure Z-Wave smart home systems offer the same strength and sophistication as that used by banks to protect online accounts and user access, making sure your home is safe and secure.


Mesh Network Technology and Interoperability

Z-Wave uses a unique mesh network technology that enables you to securely connect hundreds of smart devices to your home. In this framework, each non-battery device added to your network becomes a repeater, which means your network becomes stronger as you add more devices. In addition to strengthening your network, this infrastructure also protects every connected device from malicious hacking. Z-Wave also supports device interoperability to reserve electricity and minimize any lags or interference on your broadband connection.


App Control and Monitoring

As you add smart home options to your house, it can easily become confusing and overwhelming if you have to control your connected devices individually through different programs or apps. Z-Wave takes care of this issue by offering control of all your connected smart devices though a single app. You can monitor and control all of your smart devices remotely, which adds ease and peace of mind to your life. With one touch on your smartphone or tablet screen, you can control your energy efficiency, monitor your home security, or look in on your pets or loved ones.


Reliable, Trusted Services

Considering the data breaches and hacking mishaps in the current, mainstream media, it’s completely normal (and in fact, smart) to have reservations about adding smart home technology to your house. Z-Wave has been offering smart solutions in residential and company-wide capacities for over a decade. The biggest brand names trust Z-Wave and the 50 million devices they’ve securely connected in homes worldwide.


Robust Smart Choices and Options

Z-Wave offers optimal support and security in home automation, but also lead the market in smart device choices that will fit into your home décor and simplify your life. There are robust options available in different colors, styles, and price points so you can design your perfect, secure smart home network.


Jeni Rogers is a researcher and regular contributor to TrustRadius, where she shares her knowledge of the latest trends in B2B news and software.