Smart Homes start with Smart Hubs

A hub is really the heart of your home – controlling and sending commands to the other connected devices in your home as well as the main device that communicates with your smartphone and your router to allow you to access your home when you’re away.

Benefits of a Smart Hub

Smart Hubs come in many forms and are an essential part of any connected home. They make all of the smart home products work together and keep you connected to your home even when you are away.

They are also the first step in creating your smart home network, so selecting the right product is important. Some smart hubs are built into devices like thermostats, alarm panels, or cameras, but most of the hubs are in the form of small boxes that connect to your Wi-Fi router.

Apps are supplied with smart hubs to manage and organize your personal smart home's setup. Keep in mind some smart hubs are more complex than others as you do your research.

One App

Choose which one is right for your Smart Home.


Large product selection

Controls all your Smart Home devices.


Easier Whole Home Control

Some Smart Hubs integrate with Voice Control.


Programmable Smart Hubs

Allow advanced customization capabilities.


Backwards Compatible

Your investment is safe.


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