Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors detect changes in your home environment adding a new level of safety and security to your home.

Motion detected in the living room while you’re not home? A door was opened while you’re on vacation? Smoke or water detected? Receive an alert on your smartphone, to make sure your home is secure. (read more) Smart sensors add a new level of safety and security to your home. They come in various forms – motion sensors, door/window sensors, smoke sensors, water sensors, and more.

While a smart sensor cannot be controlled by your home, they detect changes in your home environment and will send you an alert on your smartphone. Motion detected in the living room while you're not home? A door was open while you're on vacation? Smoke or water detected?

Receive these notifications so you can call the authorities or set off an alarm to make sure your home is secure. Smart sensors with Z-Wave allow you to get status updates in real time on what is happening in your smart home.

5 Benefits of Smart Sensors

Add a new level of safety, security, and economy to your home.

Receive alerts

Know when smoke, water, or other dangerous elements put your home at risk.


Motion detection

Turns on lights, security cameras, and more.


Hands free home

No touching switches, the sensors will turn them on for you.


Energy savings

No motion? Lights turn off.


Create scenes

Door / window sensors will alert you when a window is opened and the AC is on, saving you money.


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