Energy Driven Switch C 7
Energy Driven Switch C 7
Energy Driven Switch C 7
Energy Driven Switch C 7


Energy Driven Switch C 7

Energy Driven Switch C 7 is a device designed to monitor all parameters, usage, faults and overloads of your electrical system. Unlike ordinary energy meters, it is a bi-directional meter capable of measuring both the consumed and produced power, equipped with a relay that can be activated to initiate specific scenarios in relation to detected power levels.

Main features:

  • The device measures power, energy, voltage, current and power factor. It is supplied with an external current clump, and can measure powers up to 10 KW.
  • Controls both consumed and produced energy and makes possible a customization of load control based on energy measurements.
  • It sets power thresholds, connects, and disconnects devices according to the needs. The feature will help you understand in real time if you need to switch ON/OFF the heating devices, or to better manage the production flow of your renewable domestic plant.
  • It has a unique feature, Offline Setup Mode, that allows to carry out a setup of a system even without the presence of the controller during the installation phase. You can easily control the energy load: eg. If the controlled load exceeds a certain threshold, in a certain time, then an audible alarm connected to the relay is activated. The configurations will not be lost when devices are added to the controller.
  • The device is equipped with Contact protection technology (Zero Crossing) which reduces the electrical stress on the relay contacts and ensures a longer life. The open / closed switching of the device always occur when the instantaneous value of voltage is 0.

All WiDom devices are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Manufacturer suggested retail price

$ 115.98

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Product specification

Model number
Home energy monitor
Z-Wave Plus, S2 Security, SmartStart, Acts as repeater
Australia / New Zealand, CEPT (Europe), India, Israel, UAE

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