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FOR USE WITH HOMESEER 3 (HS3): EZMultiPli enables fully automated lighting that turns on the lights when you enter a room and turns them off shortly after you leave. Sophisticated lighting, Audio, Video and heating/cooling are enabled with the EZMultiPli three-sensors-in-one Z-Waveᆴ device. EZMultiPli is primarily intended as a motion sensor that will detect motion and send a command to up to 4 associated Z-Wave devices as well as the system controller. These other Z-Wave devices can directly control lights in a room or the motion indication can be sent to a computer for complex scene control of lighting, audio, video and heating/cooling. When motion is not detected within a pre-set amount of time, EZMultiPli will send an "off" command to the Z-Wave nodes to turn the lights off. In addition to the motion sensor, EZMultiPli also senses the amount of light in the room as well as the current temperature.

Model Number: EZMultiPli

Product Features

  • Motion, Temperature, and Light Sensor.
  • Programmable Color Indicator, Night Light.
  • Wall Powered, No Batteries.
  • Z-Wave Range Extender/Repeater.
  • Designed and assembled in USA.        

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Express Controls
  • Model Number: EZMultiPli
  • Z-Wave Cert Number: ZC10-14090018

What's in the Box

  • Smart Multi-Sensor
  • Manual

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