Qubino Smart Meter
Qubino Smart Meter
Qubino Smart Meter
Qubino Smart Meter
Qubino Smart Meter
Qubino Smart Meter


Qubino Smart Meter

Qubino Smart Meter is a professional, wireless smart home device, that measures energy consumption in a single-phase electrical power network of up to 65A. Its special features are:

  • DIN rail installation in the electrical cabinet,
  • The current passes through the module – you do not need clamps, so it is the most accurate Z-Wave™ energy consumption meter,
  • Measures 9 electrical values.

It is ideal to measure the power consumption of the whole house or flat, a high consumption electrical device (e.g., heat pump), the power generated from the solar power plant, etc. It works on Z-Wave technology and supports auto-inclusion for a quick set-up. It has the possibility to add external contactors IKA or BICOM that will also switch the device, connected to the Smart Meter, ON/OFF.

Manufacturer suggested retail price

$ 157.40

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Product specification

Model number
Home energy monitor
Compatible with
Fibaro Home Center, HomeSeer, Homey, Hubitat, SmartThings, Vera, Z-Wave.me, Zipatos
Z-Wave Plus, S2 Security, Acts as repeater
UAE, CEPT (Europe), China

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