Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Doorbell 6

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Whenever you are, you can receive instant smartphone and app alerts from your Z-Wave smart home system with the Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Doorbell 6. This smart doorbell has been built-in with Z-Wave technology and will work with other wireless devices that speak Z-Wave too. Apart from working as a doorbell, it requires a hub to send reports and receive commands in your Z-Wave network.

Model Number: ZW162

Product Features

  • Z-Wave doorbell with 110 dB chime and siren. 30 sounds pre-loaded with 8 tones dedicated to doorbell functions and others composed for security and safety alerts. 27% louder than previous generation of Z-Wave doorbells.
  • Simple to install; simply plug, sync with your smart home hub, and use. Each Doorbell 6 chime can connect up to 3 Buttons for multi-door monitoring. Ships with 1 x Doorbell 6 and 1 x Button and batteries.
  • Advanced wireless range. Built with 2 different wireless technologies, Doorbell 6’s button can be installed up to 300 feet from the indoor chime while the chime itself can installed up to 328 feet from your Z-Wave gateway.
  • Compatible with certified Z-Wave gateways including: Samsung SmartThings, HomeSeer, Open Z-Wave, Zipabox and more.
  • Z-Wave Plus and Z-Wave S2 certified for quicker response time, better wireless range up to 490 feet in open space, and additional wireless security encryption. Z-Wave Plus certification number: ZC10-19026372.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Aeotec
  • Model Number: ZW162
  • Z-Wave Cert Number: ZC10-19026372
This product requires a smart hub

Compatible Smart Hubs